How to Choose Natural Beauty Products


How to Choose Natural Beauty Products was sponsored by the Natural Products Association.  Opinions are our own.

how to choose natural beauty products How to Choose Natural Beauty Products

I am a beauty product junkie. It almost doesn’t matter where I am, if there’s a display of some type of beauty products, I’m checking it out. Unfortunately, there are some really bad, and bad for you, ingredients in many beauty lines. I’m talking about items that have been banned from our food supplies, but somehow are still acceptable to slather all over ourselves.

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Smuckers Natural Peanut Butter Partners with National Parks #mc



I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Smucker’s. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

smuckers natural peanut butter Smuckers Natural Peanut Butter Partners with National Parks  #mc

We are huge peanut butter fans at our house.  We eat it on toast in the morning, sandwiches for meals, and have even made some pretty great desserts with peanut butter.  As a vegetarian, peanut butter is a great source of protein.

Smucker’s, Laura Scudder’s, and Adams natural peanut butters have teamed up for a great cause – supporting the National Parks!  They’ve donated $100,000 to the National Parks Conservation Association’s (NPCA) America’s Great Waters Program.  To sweeten the pot, the brands have put out $0.25 off peelie coupons on their products.  For each of these coupons that are redeemed, they’ll donate an additional $1 to the NPCA, up to $50,000. Pretty great, right?


The Body Shop Tea Tree line

Great Uses for Tea Tree Oil

The Body Shop Tea Tree line

Great uses for Tea Tree Oil was inspired by The Body Shop's new Tea Tree line.  I received items for consideration.

greatusesforteatreeoil Great Uses for Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil has a myriad of benefits.  Often referred to as a medicine cabinet in a bottle, it’s often used to treat a plethora of conditions.  First things first, though. 

What is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea Tree Oil is an essential oil that is steam distilled from a plant known as Melaleuca alternifolia, which is native to Australia.  It’s not found naturally growing in any other place on earth.  Tea Tree Oil should always come in a dark glass bottle, and be used with a dropper.  You should also never ingest Tea Tree Oil orally. 


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Ways to Combat Seasonal Allergies

9 Tips to Combat Seasonal Allergies

Ways to Combat Seasonal Allergies

seasonalallergies 9 Tips to Combat Seasonal Allergies

I don’t know about you, but in my area, we’ve had a fairly mild winter.  Due to this, our trees are starting to bud out, and you know what that means – allergy season is right around the corner.  I am so not ready for the itchy, watery eyes, the sneezing, or the turning into a snot factory. 

There are some things you can do to help combat seasonal allergies. 

Combat mold in your home.  The main way to do this is to keep everything dry, as mold needs a damp habitat to grow. 

Wash your shower curtain with bleach every few months.  It needs to be cleaned anyway, and those spots on the bottom?  They’re usually mold.  Gross, right?

Run your heat and air conditioning.  In the winter, when you keep your heat above 65 degrees, it helps to dry out the air in your home, which helps to inhibit the growth of mold.  In the summer, the air conditioning helps to filter the outside air of contaminants.   You can even get a filter for your forced air system that helps cut down on the contaminants even more. 

redconverse 400 x 600 9 Tips to Combat Seasonal Allergies

Keep control of the dust. 

Take your shoes off when you come into the house.  Your shoes track all kinds of dirt and debris from the outdoors. 

Vacuum regularly.  It’s amazing what’s hiding in your carpet when you think it’s super-clean.  Remember to change your vacuum bag or filter regularly.   Don’t forget to vacuum your closets, under the bed and tables, and those other hidden spots.

If you have a pet, keep them brushed and bathed.  Many people are allergic to pet hair and dander, and they can create lots of extra dust. 

Get your carpets and furniture steam-cleaned.  It can help to kill whatever might be hiding.  There are lots of services that can do this for you.  Click for more info.

oranges 525 x 477 9 Tips to Combat Seasonal Allergies

Watch what you eat. 

Many foods can cause allergy-like symptoms.  Monosodium benzoate, an additive found in many canned foods, and trans oleic acid, which is found in beef, have both been shown to trigger allergies and allergy-like symptoms. 

Conversely, kiwi, oranges, and other foods that are high in vitamin C can help the body’s natural antibodies kick into gear. 


While I prefer to combat allergies before they begin, sometimes you need some additional help.  Personally, I can generally manage on OTC medications.  If you want something more natural, fish oil supplements, vitamins A & E, and many herbs are all believed to aid in the relief of allergies. 

Hopefully, this helps us all to combat seasonal allergies this year!  What’s your best allergen-fighting tip?

Mavea Elemaris Water Pitcher

Mavea Elemaris Water Filtration Pitcher Giveaway #CrazyCupid

Mavea Elemaris Water Pitcher

Maveaelemarispitcher Mavea Elemaris Water Filtration Pitcher Giveaway  #CrazyCupid

Welcome to the Crazy Cupid hop, hosted by Cheap is the New Classy!  An awesome group of bloggers have come together to bring you excellent Valentine's Day related prizes. 

Here at How Was Your Day?, we've partnered with Mavea to bring you a really fantastic water filtration pitcher.  This filters out the contaminants, heavy metals, pollutants, and Chlorine taste and smell.  Who doesn't want that, right?  ARV $35. 

Ready to enter?  Do so in the Giveaway Tools widget after the jump.

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How to print on fabric to make a Christmas sachet

How to Print on Fabric to Make a Christmas Sachet

How to print on fabric to make a Christmas sachet

christmassachet5 525 x 395 How to Print on Fabric to Make a Christmas Sachet

Have you been looking for a quick gift  for some friends that is totally different?  Everyone needs sachets for their drawers, closets, and chests.  These are especially great, as they’re filled with Moth B Gone, which keeps moths away from your wool items. 

These sachets are also special, because we’re going to print our own image on fabric! Yep, that’s right!  No store bought fabric for us.  Okay, that’s not totally true, but it’s close enough.

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Sodastream Genesis

Genesis Sodastream Giveaway

Sodastream Genesis

sodastreamgenesis 525 x 494 Genesis Sodastream Giveaway

Welcome to the Crazy Christmas Giveaway Hop hosted by GoingCrazy!! WannaGo??!! and Planet Weidknecht. During the Holidays, things can get crazy, but we are here to help you take a break and win some great prizes!! Each blog is sponsoring a giveaway of at least $25 value. So, join the crazy and Have Fun!! 

Here at HWYD, we have teamed up with Sodastream USA to bring one super lucky winner a Genesis Sodastream Starter Kit.  You will receive:

  • Genesis Home Soda Maker
  • 1 60 liter Carbonator
  • 2 Carbonating Bottles
  • 3 SodaMix bottles (your choice) – each bottle makes 12 liters of soda
  • Sodamix Variety 12 pack

All told, it's a $120 value!  Wouldn't that make a great family gift for the holidays?  Enter in the Rafflecopter after the jump!

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The Honest Co Logo

Living Green with The Honest Company

The Honest Co Logo

thehonestco Living Green with The Honest Company

It seems like everywhere you turn, people are talking about being eco friendly, or green.  This item claims to be eco friendly because it was made locally, or this one’s fair trade, so we should buy that.  Or this cleaner has natural ingredients, so that’s better for us to use in our home.  Truth be told, it can all be a little mind boggling. 

This process occurs with every single item that we come in contact with.  Recently, my local grocery store started adding signs on items that were made in semi-local plants, claiming that if you purchased those, that you were buying local.  Unfortunately, that’s not really what “buying local” means, either.  But they wanted to capitalize on the buzz surrounding it.

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Holiday Checklist Cards

Paper Culture for Christmas & Holiday Cards

Holiday Checklist Cards

holidaychecklistcards Paper Culture for Christmas & Holiday Cards


In the last few years, there’s been a proliferation of places to get customized printing done & stationery made.  One of the most popular things to get done is either announcements or holiday cards, usually with your own photos incorporated.  Paper Culture is one such company that I was totally unfamiliar with. 

While you can upload your photos to their cards to make them more personal, they have tons that you don’t have to upload a photo to, as well.  I’m going to admit it – I would feel weird sending out Christmas Cards that are a picture of me, since I don’t have kids!  And I’m sure people that were on the receiving end might think that was a bit odd too. 

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Goat Milk Stuff $25 Gift Card Giveaway

$25 Goat Milk Stuff Gift Card Giveaway

Goat Milk Stuff $25 Gift Card Giveaway
HappyHolidaysButton1 $25 Goat Milk Stuff Gift Card Giveaway
Welcome to the Happy Holidays Giveaway Hop hosted by Mom to Bed by 8 and Life With Two Boys!
The holidays will be before you know it so to make things a little easier on you and your wallet we decided to give you an opportunity to WIN your gifts this year! Several awesome blogs have to come together to bring you some amazing prizes that will look great sitting under your tree Christmas morning. After you enter our giveaway make sure you hop around to the rest of the participating blogs for more chances to win!
goatmilkstuff 550 x 169 $25 Goat Milk Stuff Gift Card Giveaway
How Was Your Day? has partnered with Goat Milk Stuff to offer one lucky winner a $25 gift card! How great is that?  Goat Milk Stuff has all kinds of fantastic products, ranging from handmade soaps to lotions, candles, lip balms, and so much more.  Plus it's all handmade on a family farm in Indiana. 
Look for my full review coming soon!  Ready to enter?  Do so in the Rafflecopter form after the jump.
Hydraluxe Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Hydraluxe Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow Giveaway #GivingGreen

Hydraluxe Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Cool Cerulean Waves Hydraluxe Bed Pillow 1 cr 467x252 Hydraluxe Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow Giveaway #GivingGreen

Welcome to the Giving Green Giveaway Hop, hosted by The Frugal Greenish Mama and Simmworks Family Blog. 

Here at How Was Your Day?, we have partnered with Comfort Revolution to give away an amazing Hydraluxe Memory Foam with Cooling Gel Bed Pillow!  One of the healthiest things you can do is get a good night's sleep, and we're here to help you with that!

Experience revolutionary fusion of Memory Foam layered with innovative Hydraluxe gel technology. Our unique Hydraluxe Bed Pillow offers advanced gel engineering that cradles your head and neck, allowing your muscles to fully relax as you sleep. Cool, refreshing gel layers are your permanent solution to tossing, turning, and pillow flipping. A premium mesh cover is gentle on your face. Rest deeply and wake feeling relaxed and ready to enjoy a great day.

Watch for my full review coming shortly! 

Ready to win?  Then enter in the Rafflecopter form after the jump. 

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Conscious Box

November Conscious Box Flash Giveaway

Conscious Box

consciousbox November Conscious Box Flash Giveaway

I've professed my love of subscription boxes, and Conscious Box in particular, several times.  

Conscious Box is great, as the theme is all eco friendly and socially conscious companies.  Awesome, right? 

Welll…November is Conscious Box's one year anniversary.  To celebrate, they're putting together the mother of all boxes.  If you want to get one of your very own, you need to order by November 6th.  For $20, you really can't beat it.  You can read my full review here

It's so awesome and top-secret, they won't even share a picture with me!  What am I gonna do with a picture?  Share it with all of you?  Oh, yeah, I'd probably do that.  icon wink November Conscious Box Flash Giveaway

However, the good folks at Conscious Box have agreed to give one super lucky HWYD reader a November Conscious Box.  However, this is a quick flash giveaway that ends at 11:59 November 5th. 

On your marks.  Get set.  Go enter in the Rafflecopter form! 

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Cleaning Supplies Giveaway

Holiday Cleaning Supplies Giveaway #SpringClean

Cleaning Supplies Giveaway

cleaningsupplies2 550 x 413 Holiday Cleaning Supplies Giveaway #SpringClean


Welcome to the Spring Cleaning in Autumn Hop hosted by Saved By Grace and How Was Your Day?

autumnhopbutton1 Holiday Cleaning Supplies Giveaway #SpringClean

Each Wonderful blogger on the list below has a giveaway for you with a prize fitting the theme to make your home more organized, clean or pleasant to get ready for the upcoming holidays!  From tools to cleaning supplies, decor to organization, it's all here!

How Was Your Day? is offering an awesome assortment of cleaning supplies to make your home clean.  From top to, bottom, we've got a product for you.  This collection includes items from brands like Simple Green, Arm & Hammer, CLR, Tarn-X, and Oxi-Clean. Awesome, right? 

This Cleaning Supplies prize pack is valued at more than $60! 

Ready for some cleaning in time for the Holidays?  Then enter on the Rafflecopter after the jump! 

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$450 in Abe’s Market Gift Cards Giveaway #NaturalLiving

AbesMarketNG1 $450 in Abes Market Gift Cards Giveaway #NaturalLiving


Abe's Market is an amazing online marketplace to find all your unique and favorite natural products. They connect buyers who are seeking amazing natural products directly with the people who make them. At Abe's Market you can not only discover fantastic natural products, you also have the unique opportunity to learn the story behind them, directly from the product's creators. Each of the Noise Girls were provided with different products to try out, from organic clothing to sumptuous foods, storage solutions to candles, eco-friendly kids activities to green toys. We were able to try them all! Be sure to check out the Noise Girls reviews to catch a glimpse of Abe's Market amazing product selection. Noise Girls fans will have a chance to win $650 in Abe's Market gift cards during the Abe's Market Natural Living Event!

To celebrate our Abe's Market Natural Living event, the Noise Girls will be hosting a #NaturalLiving Twitter party on October 30th at 8pm EST where you will have a chance to win Abe's Market Gift Cards. Please go here to RSVP for our Twitter party!

The giveaway is open to the contiguous US and will close at 11:59pm EST on November 5th. Go here for your chance to win! 

If you’re interested in having your brand or product featured in a Noise Girls event, please contact us at [email protected] We would love to discuss further possibilities with you!

Oots Lunchbox

OOTS Lunchbox – To Lunch in Style

Oots Lunchbox

ootslunchbox 550 x 395 OOTS Lunchbox   To Lunch in Style
One of the things I am always on the lookout for is a cute or handy way to bring my lunch. I don’t like the idea of single use plastic or paper items, so I tend to bring my lunch in a re-usable satchel with re-usable containers and utensils. I just received a new OOTS lunchbox – the Blue Deluxe Lunch Kit – and I thought it was really cute.
 I have a big confession to make. I love to go out to lunch. I love to go, in the middle of the day, and have a nice meal. I don’t particularly care for fast food, but if I could go to a restaurant, be waited on, and have a tasty hot meal at lunch, every day, I would do that. And then, after I had my lovely meal, I would drift off for a nap…
Deodomom natural deodorant

Natural Deodorants from 30SomeWeeks

Deodomom natural deodorant


deodomom2 550 x 413 Natural Deodorants from 30SomeWeeks

So, I have an issue.  While I normally wouldn’t share, as it’s kind of embarrassing, we’re all friends here, right?  Of course we are. 

I’ve developed an allergy to my deodorant.  UGH!  It’s gross and kind of nasty.  I’ll spare you all the gory details, but I needed to find an alternative.  Since they – the GP doc nor the Dermatologist – weren't sure what was causing the problem, they suggested I try something else.  However, it was recommended that I stop using my deodorants. 

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Merlot Skin Care Giveaway #gbgreenfam


merlotcleanser Merlot Skin Care Giveaway #gbgreenfammerlotfirminglotion Merlot Skin Care Giveaway #gbgreenfam

Welcome to the Green Family Giveaway Hop!  I know I love to use green products whenever I can, and I'm sure lots of others feel the same way. 

We have partnered with Merlot Skin Care to give away a really fantastic prize.  One really lucky winner will receive a tube of Merlot Cleanser and a tube of Merlot Body Firming Lotion.  See my full review of Merlot Skin Care here.

About Merlot Skin Care: Merlot was launched in 2001, after much research into the benefits of grapes and their anti-oxidant properties.  Merlot products work to fight free radicals – molecules caused by smoke, smog, pollution, stress, and UV rays – and protect skin against the signs of aging.

Enter in the Rafflecopter after the jump.

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Rwanda Path to Peace with Macy’s

macysbasketwm (600 x 451) Rwanda Path to Peace with Macys


I’ve mentioned several times that I love handicrafts and artisan goods.  Part of the reason is that 99.9% of the time, the items directly improve someone’s way of life.  The Rwanda Path to Peace baskets, available exclusively at select Macy’s locations, are no different. 

These works of art are woven, by hand, by master weavers from the famed Gahaya Links Association in the Gitarama region.  The 500 female weavers directly benefit from the sale of these baskets.  The baskets are traditional Rwandan patterns and designs that have been created in modern colors for today’s aesthetic. 

One of the questions that has come up was in regard to how much compensation the women actually receive.  I have to admit – it was something that I was curious about as well.  The women of Rwanda receive 1/3 of the retail price of the goods.  That is a remarkable amount!  Heck, a lot of companies that sell wholesale don’t get that kind of return! 

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Crayon Rocks – Soy Crayons for Little Hands

crayonrockswm (500 x 498) Crayon Rocks   Soy Crayons for Little Hands

Coloring is one of the great joys in life.  I’m not ashamed to admit it – I still love to color.  Let’s face it – there’s not a whole lot of things that are better than brand new crayons.  Crayon Rocks soy crayons are all kinds of fun. 

Crayon Rocks soy crayons are available in a myriad of colors.  While they don’t have the entire 96 color range of the big names, there are more than enough colors to make anyone happy.  Made with Soy wax, instead of petroleum, these are better for your kids and the environment.   The soybeans are grown in the USA, and the soy crayons are colored with mineral pigments.

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Doing Good with Banana Boat

bananaboatwm (500 x 501) Doing Good with Banana Boat


We all know how important it is to protect our skin from the sun’s damaging rays.  Banana Boat Natural Reflect sunscreen can help you to do just that.  Made with natural ingredients, Natural Reflect is better for you and your skin than traditional sunscreens. 

Banana Boat knows that playing outdoors is one of the greatest joys in life.  That’s why they’re challenging parents to take the 101 Days of Summer Play pledge.  It’s really simple – parents can head on over to the Banana Boat Facebook page, and once they’re there, pledge to encourage your kids to play outside every day.  This lasts for the 101 days of unofficial summer – from Memorial Day through Labor Day. 

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