Say Hello to Diamonds for Everyone


Say Hello Diamond Stud Earrings

Every girl should have a great pair of diamond stud earrings.  Let’s be honest though – for lots of us, diamond studs that are good quality and visible to the naked eye are just a little out of our price range.  Enter Say Hello Diamonds. 

Say Hello Diamonds is a jewelry company that produces high quality replica diamond jewelry.  Their jewelry is all set in sterling silver.  Each replica diamond is put through a rigorous test to ensure that it will stand up to the day to day stresses of real life.  Before that, though, each and every stone is cut, polished, and packaged and submitted for review.  The select stones that pass all these tests are then matched and  made into Say Hello Diamonds jewelry. 

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Captain Book and $50 in Amazon Gift Cards Giveaway #missiongiveaway

Mission Giveaway Captain Novel + Amazon Gift Codes


One of the joys of Summer is a great read.  I love to sit on the deco or lay out by the pool and lose myself in a book.  Captain, by Thomas Block, looks like it could fill that bill!

Grand Prize: 2 Prize Packs containing: A signed copy of Captain and a $25 Amazon Gift Card. One to win and one to give.

Win a signed copy of Captain by Thomas Block + $25 in Amazon Gift Cards

Can't wait to read it? You can find the book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and direct from the ThomasBlockNovels website.

Here are two great reviews of Captain from Pittsburgh Frugal Mom and Living at the Whitehead's Zoo.

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$100 in Amazon Gift Cards + Kids Email Subscription Giveaway #missiongiveaway

Mission Giveaway

Everyone wants their kids to be computer savvy.  But, you want them to be safe, too.   And they all want to email with grandma or their friends.  But how do you keep the nasty stuff and scams away from their prying eyes?

Grand Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Cards & a 1 Year Subscription to Kids Email for YOU and a FRIEND!  Yes, each of you will receive Amazon gift cards and a Kids Email subscription.


Kids Email + Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

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My First Fun Flights #nablopomo

TWA New Yorker Magazine Travel Poster
There’s a huge blogger conference taking place the first week of August. The conference is taking place in New York City. NEW YORK CITY? Does anyone else remember that old commercial – I think it was for salsa. Anyway, with all these crazy blogger ladies descending on the city, there are lots of plans being made. One of the things that I’m discovering is that for many of these bloggers, this will be their first flight. Therefore, I will share some of my fun flights & experiences.
I was somewhat surprised to hear this, as my first flight was before I could remember it. The first plane ride I remember, though, was going to see my dad when I was 5 or 6. I was a very confident flier, and didn’t need no stinkin’ child flying alone escort.  No siree bob. I don’t remember much about the flight itself. However, once I got off the plane, I was to be met by my dad. I disembarked the plane, started down the tunnel and simply bowled right past my dad. He’s chasing me, calling my name, and I was just gonna go get my luggage! 

Puzzle Baron Puzzle Books Giveaway – US/Can

Puzzle Baron Puzzle Books Giveaway


Welcome to the Wish You Were Here Giveaway Hop! While thousands of bloggers flee to New York City for a blogging conference, we thought it would be a great idea to kickoff a giveaway for our readers (before we left)!  I'll be sticking around, though!  This event is hosted by BloggerPR and will run from July 30-August 6, 2012.

How Was Your Day has partnered with Puzzle Baron to bring you an assortment of super fun puzzle books!  There's Logic Puzzles Vol 2, Sudoku, and Picture Puzzles. Perfect for entertaining the kids – or adults – on the go!  I love these books for when I travel, or even when I just want some quiet time.  Read my entire review of Puzzle Baron Puzzle Books here.  Open to the US and Canada

Enter in the rafflecopter form after the jump.

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Do You Dig Puzzle Books?

Puzzle Baron Puzzle Books


AS a kid, I spent a lot of time in transit to places or waiting around.  Waiting after school for my mom.  On the way to dance classes.  On the bus to meets.  In a plane, train, or automobile going somewhere for pleasure.  It was during this time that I discovered the joys of puzzle books

Crosswords.  Word Searches.  Word Jumbles.  And the somewhat elusive logic puzzle books.  These were my constant companions and time fillers.  They were somewhat easy to find, inexpensive, and portable.  I could toss one in my backpack, my book, or even my mom’s purse.  I’m sure these puzzle books gave others the same hours of enjoyment as people then didn’t have to deal with me annoying them.  Heh. 

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