How to Reverse Glitter a Bottle so it Doesn’t Shed

We teamed up with Patron for this reverse glitter DIY project.  Post may contain affiliate links.

If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you know that we enjoy a cocktail or two. One thing that happens when you enjoy making your own cocktails is that you end up with empty bottles. Now, some of these aren’t that interesting, and we just rinse them out and toss the empty bottles into the recycle bin.

Reverse glittered Patron bottle lead

Some spirits, though, come in really interesting and decorative bottles. Patron is one of those spirits. Their bottles are hand-blown glass, and are a pretty fantastic shape. Add in the unique cork stopper, and you have something worthy of saving.

But what do you do with an empty Patron Bottle?

Some people collect prettier bottles and display them. However, it’s not really my aesthetic, and I left college a looooonnnnnggggg time ago. Patron is having an art contest, where you take an empty bottle (or more) and create something with it.  What could you do with an empty Patron bottle? Thinking…thinking…and then I hit on it.

I was going to glitter it. Reverse glitter, that is.

Yeah, that’s right. We’re doing the inside of the bottle.

And you knew it all along.

Reverse glittered Patron bottle

How to Reverse Glitter a Patron Bottle

Time: Approx. 15-20 minutes, plus drying time.

Supplies needed


Empty Patron bottle. The folks at Patron sent me mine, but you could ask around at your local bars or Mexican restaurants.

Extra Fine Glitter. I used an emerald green color. You’ll use quite a bit. I used nearly half of a 2 oz. bottle.




Scrap paper

Disposable drink cups

Damp paper towels


Before we start the reverse glitter process, you’ll want to make sure your Patron bottle is clean and dry. If it had tequila in it, wash with soap and water and dry really well.

Mix up your polycrylic really well.  Pour some Polycrylic into your bottle. I find that the easiest way to do this is to use a syringe. It’s less messy and easy to control.

We’re using Polycrylic, because once it dries, your glitter isn’t going anywhere. You don’t have to worry about glitter shedding, or completely falling off your bottle.  This works for both a reverse glitter project or applying glitter on the outside.

Swirl the Polycrylic around until all interior surfaces are covered. Pour out excess into a plastic cup.

Set the patron bottle aside for a moment (20-30 seconds) to allow the excess Polycrylic to collect. Pour the excess out again. Clean up any drips with a damp paper towel.

Make a funnel from the scrap paper. Insert this into the neck of the bottle and pour your glitter in. Be generous.

Swirl the glitter around, making sure to cover all surfaces. If you need more glitter, add some.

Pour the excess glitter out into another plastic cup.

Pour it back into the Patron bottle, and swirl around for coverage again. Pour the excess glitter back into the cup.

Your Patron bottle should be covered really well with glitter on the inside. If there are bare or thin spots, repeat the step above again.

Once your bottle is as sparkly as you want, shake the excess glitter out. A couple little slaps and a tap on the side should be enough to get the excess glitter out.

Set on a shelf to dry completely. Depending on your weather, it may take a couple days.

Step back, and admire your work!

How to create a reverse glittered bottle

About the Patron Bottle Art Competition

Take an empty Patron bottle (or several. We’re not gonna judge ya on that!) and create a unique piece of artwork. Deadline to enter is July 17th.  Nine people will win $1000, and one grand prize winner will receive $10,000.  Whoa, right?!?! Get more details here.  21 & over only.

Will you be reverse glittering anything?

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