Around the House $360 Laundry Room Giveaway #noisegirls US

Around the House Giveaway Event by Noise Girls

Around the House: For the Laundry Room

Do you wanna win some awesome new stuff for your house?  Absolutely, right? 

From now through July 16th, you have the chance to enter to win over $3,500 in prizes in the Noise Girls Around the House Giveaway event! The For the Laundry Room package is valued at over $360! It includes prizes from the following awesome sponsors:

You can check out the Noise Girls reviews to see how the products worked for us!

To enter for your chance to win, visit the Noise Girls Around the House: For the Laundry Room Prize Package page!  

Or enter here.  Easy rafflecopter form after the jump!

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Jumpin Outta June $100 Amazon Giveaway – WW

Jumpin Outta June $100 Amazon Giveaway



Welcome to the Jumpin’ Outta June Amazon Gift Code Twitter Giveaway hosted by MamaNYC!  Over 40 of my super bloggy friends and I have teamed together to celebrate the end of JUNE – and help kickstart one of YOUR summers with a fantastic Amazon Gift Code giveaway! All you have to do is follow our Twitter accounts in order to gain entries in this giveaway! Yeah, we may have tossed in some other options, but this giveaway is all about Twitter!


One lucky winner is going to receive a $100.00 Amazon Gift Code! This giveaway will run from June 29-July 15th, which should give you more than enough time to hop down the Rafflecopter and follow all of our Twitter accounts.  Open Worldwide; Winner will have 48 hours to confirm prize. If you see our event button – no need to enter again! We are all using the SAME Rafflecopter, so your entries are only needed on one of our blogs. Good Luck!


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Break Out of the Blogging Rut

Break out of the blogging rut


How do you start a blog post?   Do you want the easy way to do it or the hard way? 

The easy way is to say “write about whatever you want.”  Welll…we all know that that doesn’t always work.  Personally, I’ve been in one of those ruts lately.  I’ve had very little motivation and it really shows.  I’ve just been busy with real life.  Yes, bloggers  have a real life, too! 

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Tiny Prints Birthday Invitations for Adults

It’s Summertime- and you know what that means.  Lots and lots of get-togethers.  Block parties.  Birthdays.  BBQs.  Family Gatherings.  Weddings.  Bridal Showers.  Heck, in my life, there’s a ton of baby showers.  And you know that you’re gonna need invitations.

However, we’re gonna focus on birthday invitations for adults.  Because the most awesome people have summer birthdays.  Like yours truly!  TinyPrints has a really great selection of invitations for everyone.

Mustache birthday invitation

Magnificent Mustache – How great are these for a guy’s birthday?

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Summer Excitement

Summer Excitement

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What am I excited for this summer?

  • A VACATION!  I hope it happens, although I’m kind of having serious doubts about it right now. 
  • Fresh produce.  I love love love veggies. 
  • Arts & Craft fairs.  Love these!  Sometimes I just like to look, sometimes, I come to buy. 
  • Outdoor festivals.
  • Swimming season.  Here in the Midwest, they don’t open pools until Memorial Day, and they‘re closed by Labor Day.  I don’t get it.  At all. 
  • Ice Cream Man.  I’ve only heard him a few times so far.  I hope he comes back!
  • Thunderstorms.  I love a good, hard rain.  Those are almost always accompanied by an outrageous thunderstorm.  As long as there’s no tornadoes, I’m good. 
  • Warm weather.  Although I could do without the 105 degrees + humidity it was today.

I could go on forever.  What is bringing you summer excitement?

How Do You Think? #nablopomo

How Do You Think?


Do your thoughts jump around or glide?

It really depends on what I’m thinking about, and what else I have going on at the time.  It seems at times that if I’m deliberately trying to think something through and get the details nailed down, my thoughts are all over the place.  Especially if it’s a project I’ve been delaying.  Those are the absolute worst!!  However, if I’m working on a specific project, I have been known to have a brainstorming session just take over and another project works itself all the way through to completion. 

However, if I’m out driving, that’s a different story altogether.  It’s almost as if something else just takes over, and the thoughts just come pouring out.  I do some of my best thinking while I’m driving. 


I also find that if I need to get something hammered out, some good music helps.  If I need to really get s afew things done, I'll put on some pop or club mixes.  If I'm trying to brainstorm, I prefer something more melodic and almost folky.

Are you a jumpy thinker or a smooth thinker?