Fashion Friday: Ways to Wear Scarves

Here’s a roundup of fantastic ways to wear scarves!


The Kelly.

I am particularly fond of this with a pair of oversized sunglasses. Especially when I’m feeling dramatic. Or dramatique!

Scarf Style Needed: Square Scarf.  Use an Oblong/Rectangular scarf for added drama

Tying the Scarf:

Take the square scarf and fold it diagonally from one corner to its opposite. Place the scarf over the head with the folded edge facing forward. Bring the folded corners down under the chin and cross them, pushing the points back around the neck on each side.

In the back of the neck, gather the folded corners and tie them together, making sure to catch the loose corners of the scarf under the knot being formed. Leave the ends loose, or tuck them under as you prefer. Add a pair of tortoise-shell sunglasses and you’ll be ready to slip past the paparazzi.


The Neckwrap

Very chic!   Perfect as an alternative to a necklace.  I particularly like this with a button down blouse.

Scarf Style Needed: Rectangular (Oblong) Scarf (at least 80 cm long)

Tying the Scarf:

Take the oblong scarf and fold it twice to create an “S” fold. Drape the scarf around your neck so that the ends hang down the back. Cross the ends in the back and bring them back to the front. Loop the one end around the other in front and pull the ends back around to the back once more.

Knot the ends at the back of the neck and tuck any remaining length down the back of the blouse beneath the collar. The finished look is sleek and sophisticated.

A great video from the ever fabulous Michelle Phan

A great video from Glamour Magazine!

And perhaps the mother of all scarf wearing vids. So fantastic!

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