Fabulous Fashion Trends for Fall 2014

Yeah, I know that it is summer right now. However, Fall is seriously right around the corner. It will be time to break out the sweaters, scarves, and boots before we know it. Check out some of the top trends for Fall 2014.


Top New York Fashion Week Trends For Fall 2014: Fur Makes a Statement

The top trends from New York Fashion Week left the fashion crowd with a lot to look forward to. This show was characterized by heavy textures, new approaches to bold furs, and different types of cutting edge sportswear. The Fall 2014 New York Fashion Week offered different personas and trends that take an innovative approach to new fashion. Strict rules about what to wear when are being trashed. Instead, clever styling and thoughtful creativity are taking over.


The Urban Explorer

Cliché city attire has been given an edge. Bold furs and leather are mixed with retro zoot suits as well as different takes on the classic bomber jacket. Fashion-forward urbanites can ditch the 9-5 suit in favor of clothing that is loose-fitting and polished at the same time. Flowing fabric and vintage-inspired designs are given more opulence and luxury with classic high-end materials, such as fur and leather. Eras, materials, and looks are mixed and matched to personify the “urban explorer.”


Vibrant Fall Hues with a Vintage Touch

Vintage was seen as one of the huge trends for Fall 2014. Bright reds, pinks, oranges can brighten Sunday brunch. The styles are a clever mix of modern shapes with vintage touches, such as lace patterns and a bright orange color that has become almost synonymous with the 1970s. Bright Fall colors further fashion’s movement towards “seasonless” fashion. Fashion is increasingly about breaking rules on the street as well as the runway.



Modern Sportswear

Yoga pants and running shorts do not need to be changed out before going to lunch. One of New York Fashion Week’s biggest surprises was a complete overhaul of traditional sportswear. These ultra-modern pieces can pass for trendy comfortable fashions at the mall as well as work for running several early morning miles. Sportswear is no longer in a category parallel to high fashion. It has been redone and reintroduced as versatile clothing with a high-fashion emphasis. This is one of the trends for Fall 2014 I think we can all get behind.



Over-the-Top Fur

Yes, I realize that not everyone likes fur. If it’s not your thing, just skip these trends for Fall 2014. You can still be uber-stylish without it. Fur has been one of the biggest buzzwords in fashion recently. There is spring fur, summer fur, and totally over-the-top fall fur. Fall fur coats are showing the ultimate luxury. In many ways, this fall fur coats are seen as the bigger, the better. Different fur combinations give the image of empowered women that are ready to take on the world. Similar to other 2014 fall fashions, the large fur coat has an inherently vintage twist. Fur coats have had a lasting reputation for glamour throughout the decades. Also, these fur coats do not look like they were taken straight from the 1950s. They pay homage to classic luxury with a definitive, modern twist.


Modern Pastels

One of the fresh takes on trends for Fall 2014 is modern pastels. Pastels further add to the dichotomy of the looks seen at New York Fashion Week. Fashion is increasingly about breaking the rules rather than reinventing modern fads. Pastels for fall embrace many common themes seen. They are fresh, warm, and inviting. Fall fashion is no longer confined to the traditional fall color palette. Burgundies, forest greens, and browns have taken a backseat.



Dichotomous and Fearless Fashion

Many attribute social media to the lighting speed at which fashion has been changing. In many ways, fashion is more exciting than ever before. Instead of worrying about what color not to wear after labor day, fashion aficionados are starting to worry about how to best mix and match different concepts to create outfits that are polished, innovative, and have the right amount of luxury.

Remember, fashion is supposed to be fun. Don’t take the trends for Fall 2014 too seriously.

What are your favorite trends for Fall 2014?


  1. Robin Wilson says

    Well darn, guess I won’t be keeping up with the fall trends except in colors. Love the green of that dress. Hope I find some things in that color.

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