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I watch a lot of TV.  There, I said it.  Most shows I don’t watch-watch, I just sort of pay half-attention, while I’m doing something else.  There are a couple of shows, though, that get my full attention.  One of these is Revenge on ABC.  I have to know what Emily Thorne’s next move is going to be and how the Graysons are planning to screw someone over.  And at some point, SOMEONE has to figure out that Emily Thorne is really Amanda Clarke, right?  RIGHT?!?!?!

So, yeah, Revenge is one of my must watch TV shows.  Helzberg Diamonds must have known that there were a ton of Revenge die-hards just like me.  That has to be why they introduced the exclusive Revenge inspired Infinity X Infinity jewelry line.

Infinity X Infinity?  Huh?  What are you talking about?

hezberg-diamonds-box (599 x 600)

As fans of the show know, Emily’s dad always told her that he loved her infinity times infinity, and drew a symbol that looked like two interlocked infinity signs.  Helzberg’s Infinity X Infinity line features the interlocked infinity symbols, and is available in plain sterling silver, or a mixed metal look when paired with either yellow or rose gold.  Most of the Infinity X Infinity pieces are accented by diamonds.  The sterling pieces are available in rings, earrings or several different necklace/pendant styles

infinity-x-infinity-necklace (600 x 599)

I chose the Infinity X Infinity diamond pendant in Sterling Silver.  Accented by a 1/10 cttw diamond cluster.   The pendant is good sized, clocking in at about 1 ¼ inches in length x approx ¾ inch in width.  This is on an 18 inch Venetian box chain, and is perfectly weighted.

infinity-x-infinity-necklace-3 (449 x 600)

For 2013, Helzberg has added  ton of other unique designs to the Infinity X Infinity line, too.  You can get an Amethyst or Garnet paved piece, as well.  Those are really pretty, as it adds a perfect amount of color to your jewelry item.

An item from the Infinity X Infinity line is a perfect gift for the Revenge fan in your life.


  1. ANN*H says

    Inspired by TV show. I think Hope on Days of Our Lives makes jewelry too and they wear it on the show if I am correct. I like this is silver as thats all I will wear. I will have to check the rest of the jewelry out – thanks for the info on it.

  2. Julie Wood says

    The necklace is very pretty, and I really like it. The Infinity X Infinity diamond pendant in Sterling Silver is a nice piece to own, and I would be able to wear this to so many functions.

  3. Susan Broughton says

    I love the show Revenge! I really like the jewelry as well. I have always liked the infinity sign and this is a way you could have it around you all the time. Thanks

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