HBL Hair Care Texture & Styling System Giveaway #rocktober

Welcome to ROCKtoberfest hosted by Cheap Is The *New* Classy! Many bloggers have come together to bring you this awesome music themed giveaway hop! This event runs through October 15 to give you plenty of time to enter everyone's giveaways for fabulous prizes! All of the prizes are music related and worth at least $25!

Here at How Was Your Day?, we've partnered with HBL Hair Care to give you awesome rockstar hair.  One amazingly luck winner is going to receive hbl's amazing Texture & Styling system that's worth almost $98!  This package includes:

  • Thermal Styling Spray to protect your hair from the damaging heat of styling aids.
  • Spray Mousse to create lift and volume.
  • Texture and Styling Cream to add movement and get creative. 

Look for my full HBL Hair Care review coming soon!

Wanna win?  Then enter in the Rafflecopter form after the jump!

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5 Shopping Tips to Save Money

5 tips to save money when shopping

5 tips to save money when shopping

I like to shop.  There, I said it.  And I like to think that I’m pretty good at it.  I mean, sure, I can choose items quickly and efficiently, and if money were no object, I could blow through it.  However, I’m not independently wealthy and I have don’t have a billion dollar trust fund. 

Instead, I keep an eye on my spending.  Or try to, at least.  I like to think I’m pretty good at it, but others may beg to differ.  These are a few of my shopping tips I use to stretch my discretionary income. 

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5 DIY Coffee Recipes to Make at Home

The Best Iced Coffee Recipe

I'm not much of a coffee drinker.  In fact, i think I've only had brewed coffee from a coffee pot a couple times in my whole life.  Give me a coffeehouse coffee, though, and it's a whole different story!  Here are 5 awesome DIY coffeehouse coffee recipes. 


The Best Iced Coffee Recipe

The absolute best Iced Coffee – This is not only the best iced coffee, it's pretty inexpensive once you acquire a French Press.  Plus, this coffee recipe makes an iced coffee concentrate, so you can make a week's worth of tasty goodness. 

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How to Enjoy a Day with Baby While Sleep Deprived

Eating for energy with baby

Tips for enjoying your new baby while sleep deprived


Sleepless nights are not a strange phenomenon for new parents. In fact, missing sleep after the birth of a newborn is pretty much expected. As much as you love your baby, it can still be difficult to rise and shine on too few hours of sleep. Here are some tips that can brighten your day with your baby even when you’ve been seriously shortchanged on sleep.

Nap When the Baby Naps

Rather than trying to squeeze in chores or phone calls when the baby goes down for a nap, try sleeping next to him instead. Shut the window coverings, turn off the lights and the phone and grab a nice, snuggly blanket. Some new moms have difficulty napping during the day despite being very tired. If you think of daytime napping as an acquired skill, you’ll see that persistence is required to make the most of this time. Let go of all of the chores that you should be doing for a short space of time. When you awaken, you’ll feel much more refreshed and will be able to complete your chores much more efficiently.

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Hot Hair Trends for Fall 2012

Blunt Bangs hairstyle 2012

Since we're officially in Fall 2012, it's time to start thinking about making the transition from summer.  Sure, we all know about getting sweaters, coats, boots, and pants out, but what about the beauty transformation? 

What are the hot hair trends for Fall 2012? 

Blunt Bangs hairstyle 2012

Blunt Bangs

This is not a look for everyone.  I can't do it, because I have a cowlick in the front and a round face. 

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Giveaway Roundup – End of September Edition


Pic from Jake's Take on Sports

Can you believe that September is almost over?  I swear, I know I say this all the time, but this year is really flying by! 

Since I don't have that many open giveaways, this giveaway roundup has some awesome ones from around the blogosphere!  You don't mind do you?  I thought not!

Ending September 27

Let's Have Breakfast Prize Pack - US Only.  An assortment of Granola and an assortment of Organic tea.

Croc Card Cubby - US Only

Ending September 28

Almondina Cookies Assortment – US Only

$150 in Amazon Gift Cards – US Only

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Boos Block Cutting Boards – It May Be Love

Boos Block Cutting Board
Boos Block Cutting Board
What do the following people have in common?  Bobby Flay, Rick Bayless, Greta Brinkley?  If you guessed we are all famous chefs, you are wrong!   If you guessed that we all love cooking, eating and all things food, that would be close.  But the answer is:  We all are in love with our Boos Block Cutting Boards!
When I was growing up, we had a butcher block; one of those huge, heavy tables that you can chop on.  But I never had room for one in my own home, and honestly, I have been using a paddle-sized plastic cutting board for the past few years.  It was serviceable, but was small, slid on a damp countertop, and didn’t make me feel ‘chef-ey’. 

How To Make Vitamins Attractive to Kids

Getting kids to take their vitamins


How To Make Vitamins More Attractive to Children

At one point or another, most parents will have to give medication to their kids. If you are one of the lucky few who hasn’t had this experience, take note. The simple act of giving medicine or even just a vitamin to your child can result in a battle of wills that closely resembles a knock-down drag-out fight.

Vitamins and medicine are necessary for your child’s health. Accordingly, it’s important to make this process as pain free as possible, and there are several ways through which you can convince your children that taking their medicine is actually a good thing.

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