LightAir Ionflow 50 Signature Air Purifier Review

Don’t be shellfish…   Sweden is known for being the homeland for lots of awesome things.  Ikea.  Ace of Bass.  Abba.  Peter Forsberg.  A certain blogger named Greta.  And now, we can add the  LightAir Ionflow 50 Signature Air Purifier to that list.  I moved to an apartment about 15 months ago, after many years […]

Have You Been to a White Castle Lately?

Don’t be shellfish…This post brought to you by White Castle. All opinions are 100% mine.   Mmmm…White Castle.  That bastion of late night, headed home from being out food.  I’ve only been to White Castle a few times in my life, as I’ve never lived anywhere where they had one.  My trips to White Castle […]

$100 Paypal Flash Cash Giveaway – WW

Don’t be shellfish… Could you use some cash? I know I could.  I'm pretty sure there aren't too many people that would say no to winning a Cash Giveaway.  This is a 4 day flash giveaway for $100 PayPal Cash!! It will run from 12:01am est on Tuesday July 3rd through 11:59pm est on Friday […]

Butler Soy Curls Vegan Food Giveaway #missiongiveaway

Don’t be shellfish…   I don't eat meat.  While I'm 98% okay with that decision, there are times I miss it.  I miss steak.  I miss a good, juicy Burger.  And I miss having chicken tacos.  Butler Soy Curls are a great substitute for shredded chicken! Grand Prize: 12 lb. box filled with 24 individual […]

Do You Play Online Games? #poppit

Don’t be shellfish…  I’ve always been a fan of computer games.  I use them to veg out, de-stress, decompress, and sometimes to think.  Currently, I like to play online games.  I started with Where in The World is Carmen San Diego games when I was like 5 or 6 years old. Well, now that I […]

July Conscious Box Giveaway – US

Don’t be shellfish… I am in love with the subscription boxes that are popular right now.  There's a new box that ships very month or so.  The July Conscious Box will be shipping shortly.  I love getting boxes of goodies in the mail.  Part of it is that I love to get stuff in the […]

Take a Leap of Faith Quotes

Don’t be shellfish…Sometimes, we just need that little sumthin sumthin to help get us through.  Whether it's motivation to make a change, something motivational to help you keep going, or just some reassurance, take a leap of faith!        Don’t be shellfish…