$100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

amazon holiday giveaway

Don’t be shellfish… The holidays are coming at us fast and furiously.  We all know the holidays is time and money well spent on the ones we love. Wouldn’t it be nice to get all of your holiday shopping done early so you can enjoy more of the holidays? Well I have teamed up with […]

Go Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness | Fab Five


Don’t be shellfish…Thanks to The Breast Cancer Site for sponsoring this Go Pink for Breast Cancer conversation.    Just about everyone has been touched by breast cancer. Maybe you’re battling it yourself, or are a survivor. Perhaps you have a friend or loved one that’s a breast cancer survivor. Whatever the case may be, breast […]

Hearty Italian Food Favorites Everyone Can Enjoy


Don’t be shellfish… Everyone loves hearty Italian food. With the diversity in flavours and the rich ingredients, you could be forgiven for wanting to eat everything! One of the best things about hearty Italian food is that it is diverse. There are many different kinds of Italian cuisine that can be enjoyed that far surpass […]

Hot Toys for the Holidays Giveaway

Don’t be shellfish…Have some kiddos on your holiday shopping list, but aren’t sure what to get them? Maybe you’re just curious what this year’s hot toys will be so that you know what to buy now before they sell out. Or you could be like me and you just love toys, and you’re curious what’s […]

Say HELLO to Chocolate with HELLO by Lindt


Don’t be shellfish…Special thanks to Hello by Lindt for supporting my candy habit.  Om nom nom. I love candy. There, I said it. Whenever I see a new candy at the store, I am tempted to try it. I mean, some sound icky, but most of the time…Most of the time, I’m seriously considering it. […]

Favorite Comfort Foods for Fall and Winter


Don’t be shellfish… The colder weather is here, and winter is well on its way. Soon the ground will be frosty, and we’ll all have a craving for comfort food like never before. Enjoying delicious comfort food is definitely one of the greatest things about winter! The following dishes are all hearty meals, containing lots […]

Why You Should Visit New York City


Don’t be shellfish…Do you have a significant anniversary on the Horizon?  Maybe you have a major life event coming up?  Lots of people choose to celebrate these with a holiday of a lifetime, and what better place to visit than New York City? We have seen it on television many times – the hero cops […]

Awesome Contemporary Interior Design Tips


Don’t be shellfish… Your home should be a calm place. Think more zen and less clutter in your home. When you decide to design your home decor, you should ensure that you choose a style that will suit you and your home life. If you have a huge family, a minimal style won’t work. There […]