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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Hard to Shop For

As Christmas gets nearer once again we have the problem of what to get our loved ones as gifts. We don’t want to get a reputation as the person who gives boring presents!

Coming up with new and unusual gifts can be tough. Hopefully we can give you some ideas and perhaps save you a headache or two.

light up giant reindeer

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Beauty & Fashion

ice skating and sledding

How to Dress Appropriately for Winter Workouts

Maybe it’s cabin fever or guilt about a giant holiday meal that forces you outside for a winter workout.  Perhaps you just want to get started on your fitness journey.  Whatever the reason, it’s vital that you prepare for the cold by choosing the right clothing for the job. Here are some factors to consider…

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How to wear white after labor day

How to Wear White After Labor Day – and Look Good Doing It

Not wearing white after Labor Day can be filed under old wives’ tales next to the rule that says your purse must match your shoes. Whoever claims there’s no place for white after September obviously hasn’t seen the runways lately. You can consider this fashion faux pas obsolete. Bring out the whites without fear. Some…

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change up your beauty routine

Simple Beauty Tweaks to Help Freshen Up Your Appearance

Let’s face it – we all experience those moments where we want to change things. Many times, this “thing” happens to be our appearance.  Many times, a tiny tweak can be all that’s needed to make a profound difference, while other times more in-depth measures are required.  There are two really easy ways to change…

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Nordstrom Mix and Match ItEM COLLAGE

Nordstrom Mix and Match Wardrobe for Fall

Nordstrom is one of my favorite stores.  It has the reputation of being a little snooty, and it can be, but they have done a great job of mixing items that are really affordable in with the items that are a little more of splurges. The great part of this is that even the bargain…

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Home & Garden

how to find the perfect mattress

How to Find the Perfect Mattress for The Best Sleep Ever

When you go to sleep at night, you want to be able to close your eyes on top of the most comfortable mattress out there. You’re tired of tossing and turning, and you’ve realized that it’s time for a new mattress. There are many different mattress choices available, so you can can look until you…

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yoda in santa robe lights

Do you know someone that’s a total Star Wars fan?  I’m not talking about that passive “yeah, I like the movies” kind of fan.  I mean the all-out, no holds barred, gotta have every Star Wars item imaginable type of fan. Chances are really great that you have someone in your life like that. Now…

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Hallmark girft wrap traditions

Special thanks to Hallmark for sponsoring this Holiday Traditions post. The holidays are all about family traditions. Reviving the old ones, and creating new traditions. One of my family’s most fun traditions is wrapping gifts. My grandmother really liked to go all out when wrapping your gifts. She would look high and low for really…

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stamped alcohol ink upcycled tile coasters set

I love doing DIY for the holidays.  Or any time, really.  I find that a handmade gift is so special, and sometimes the recipient even appreciates how much time and effort went into the item.  Anyone that’s ever given handmade gifts knows what I’m talking about. I really like to give useful gifts, too.  These…

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thanksgiving centerpiece

Must Have Kitchen Gadgets that Make Holiday Meals Easier

There are lots of occasions coming up where you’ll be hosting dinner for about 900 people. Where do they all come from, and how can they possibly fit in your house? That was always one of the wonders of the holidays for me. How could like 35 people fit in my grandparents’ house. And more…

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Rustic kale cast iron lasgana recipe

Amazing Rustic Kale Cast Iron Lasagna Recipe that’s Sure to Please

Special thanks to Ragu for sponsoring this Rustic Kale Cast Iron Lasagna recipe. Many families love lasagna.  It’s one of the things that’s fairly easy to make and the kids are going to eat it.  You can make it in an afternoon while you’re hanging around the house catching up on laundry or watching football….

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cranberry baked brie

13 Cranberry Recipes that Will Make Your Mouth Water

I love cranberries.  The sweet-tart fruit that has such a sophisticated taste.  I’m always looking for new ways to use cranberries, kinda like that one scene in Forrest Gump. Cranberry cookies, cranberry dressing, cranberry drinks, cranberry candies, you get the idea. I’ve gathered up 13 mouthwatering cranberry recipes that go beyond the traditional cranberry sauce. …

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mini fall leaf decorated sugar cookies

Mini Fall Leaf Decorated Copycat Lofthouse Sugar Cookies

My absolute favorite time of year is when the leaves are changing color.  The weather is turning cooler, kids are back in school, and the trees are glorious displays of the most amazing colors. Fiery reds and stunning oranges and luscious yellows abound. To really celebrate the season, we’re sharing these fabulous sugar cookies that…

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midtown atlanta skyscrapers

A Journey through Beautiful Midtown Atlanta in Photos

Special thanks to Atlanta CVB for excellent Midtown Atlanta experiences! Recently, I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Atlanta. I’ve travelled to a lot of the US, but the South is one part that I haven’t spent tons of time in. And I’d never been to Atlanta. So, as you can imagine,…

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Not the actual airline

Have you ever been stranded in an airport? Whether it’s an overbooked flight or a missed connection, it’s no fun. I recently had the misfortune of being stranded at the airport. In my case, it was the airline’s fault. Well, at least they were taking responsibility forthe delay. Sooo…what really happens when an airline leaves…

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james at the mill

Not too long ago, I spent a weekend in Fayetteville, AR. Fayetteville, for those that don’t know, is a vibrant college town with a lot going on. It’s the home of the University of Arkansas, and there’s always something happening. It’s a couple hours from my house, and a favorite weekend getaway. Usually, I stay…

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Known as the Paris of the West, San Francisco’s scorching summer heat waves, coupled with the freezing rip winds which come from the Pacific Coast, make it the perfect holiday destination for sun worshippers and city explorers alike.

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