The History of Fashion

Fashion has really changed over the years. Be it due to style shifts or changes in technology, there differences are fascinating. Check out the history of fashion in this infographic.

Ever Pretty Fashion the Mirror of History draft1 05 30 2014 1 The History of Fashion
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How to Open a Fashion Boutique Online

Do you love clothes? Have you ever thought about making a business out of it? One idea would be to start your very own online clothing shop. If you can tap into your target market and work out what they like, then this could be a lucrative career for you! The great thing about doing it online is that it’s really affordable. There’s very little overhead, and you won’t even need any staff to help you out. It’s one of the cheapest ways to start selling! Read on for more information:

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Pearl Jewelry Shopping Tips

pearl jewelry shopping tips Pearl Jewelry Shopping Tips

All throughout history pearls have been revered almost as much as fine gems. In more recent times, a gift of pearls were considered almost a rite of passage from schoolgirl to womanhood. Be it a demure pair of earrings to the bold statement of a strand of black Tahitians, pearls are always beautiful.

Pearls are a naturally-found gem that start out as a mere piece of grit, but eventually become the shimmery beads we’re familiar with thanks to sea mollusks. These small creatures see those pieces of grit as invaders, and coat them with multiple layers of nacre, which thickens to create the luminescent pearls we love to wear on our ears, necks, and wrists.

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Tips for Choosing Pageant Dresses

pageant dresses 2 wm Tips for Choosing Pageant Dresses

If my addiction to watching Toddlers and Tiaras has taught me anything, it’s that the contestants are in it to win it. Many times, this ambition comes at any price – be it monetarily or ethically. It is seriously amazing the amount of money that the parents spend on a little girl’s dress or costume that she may only wear once or twice. Some of these people though, they need help.

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How to Create and Design Your Own T Shirts

how to design your own t shirts How to Create and Design Your Own T Shirts

For those with a wont to Do-It-Yourself, there’s no better way to express yourself than by designing your own clothing. Not only are you feeling the benefits of self-satisfaction from doing it yourself, you are also sharing your creativity with friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and everybody who enters your day.

Inexpensive, Inspiring and Awesome

For an ever-growing number of people, designing hats, T shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and other shirt styles is the ultimate in Do-It-Yourself expression. They feel a sense of pride in their creations. With the wide array of online sites providing that service, the opportunity for cheap T shirt printing is available to anybody with an idea they would like to wear. Whether it’s an image of your favorite animal, a picture of your child, a portrait of your family, a slogan or logo for your business, or an awesome saying that inspires you, it’s easy and inexpensive to have it put on a shirt or cap.

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How to Wear Vintage Clothing

Fashion and style are all about expressing yourself.  What better way is there than through your clothing?  One of the keys to expressing yourself through fashion is unique pieces.  Learn how to wear vintage clothing, and you’ll find unique pieces everywhere.

how to wear vintage clothing How to Wear Vintage Clothing

Not all of us are able to afford a high-fashion wardrobe, even if we so desire. Fortunately, vintage and “old school” styles of clothing are back in full swing nowadays. These are trends that are typically scored at a second hand or thrift store, but even at retail price vintage clothes can really be worth the penny to get the perfect look for your workplace.  I’m sure you’re saying “I don’t know how to wear vintage clothing, though.”  The trick is to find vintage clothing that fits your body perfectly.

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The Best Ways to Wear Short Boots

how to wear short boots The Best Ways to Wear Short Boots

One of the fastest growing trends in footwear for girls and women is the short boot. This is a boot that pulls up to the mid-calf area. These boots are attractive and warm to wear in the fall and winter seasons, yet work for year round wear. Some girls can’t resist wearing them on an especially chilly spring evening. Take a look at some of the most popular ways to wear short boots.  Women and girls are incorporating these boots into their wardrobe, and learn how to wear short boots.

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Post Pregnancy Fashion Tips

post pregnancy fahion tips Post Pregnancy Fashion Tips

Whether you just had your very first baby or your fifth, your confidence in your physical appearance can quickly take a dive.  Especially when you finally go home with your kissable bundle of joy. It’s one of the battles women have the joy of experiencing after childbirth. No matter what efforts you may have taken, you likely left that hospital still looking a little pregnant. Of course you are proud of your mommy scars, but you also want the confidence you once had when stepping out in public. Finding the right kind of clothes to wear postpartum can help with this. Printed shirts, shaping undergarments like a postpartum girdle, and taking care of yourself are all part of post pregnancy fashion tips and getting your confidence back. With care, your body will come back to you eventually. Until then, use a little strategy to boost your composure.

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