5 Tips for Cleaning Hidden Dirt and Grime

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Most people are pretty good at keeping their house clean.  They may have clutter, but their houses aren’t dirty.  Or are they?  Did you know that there are tons of places in your house where dirt and grime are hiding? 

Where are the secret places that dirt and grime are hiding in your life?

Ceiling fans.  Even though a lot of designers say that they are passé and no self-respecting home should have one, most people have ceiling fans.  They can easily cut your utility bills.  And they are horrible collectors of dust and dirt.  If you really want a scare, climb up on a step-ladder or chair and have a look-see.  You’ll never forget to clean up there again. Use a vacuum with a hose attachment, a wand duster, or even an old sock on your hand.

Your computer keyboard.  Yeah, it’s kind of gross to think about.  One of the things you touch the most has the most dirt and grime.  Your keyboard is full of dust, debris, and skin cells that have shed.  Add in the random stuff that falls in there like cookie crumbs and little potato chip bits, and you’ve got a real mess.  A combination of canned air, a vacuum, and keyboard sanitation can work wonders.  A co-worker cleans her keyboard twice a month with cotton swabs and alcohol.  Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that!

The Dishwasher.  It seems counter-intuitive, but your dishwasher is probably harboring all kinds of ickiness.  Think about it – it’s a hot, steamy environment that gets lots of food debris passing through. There are dishwasher cleaning products out there, or use a bleach solution.  Be sure to run an empty cycle after cleaning your dishwasher, though!

Your car.  Think about all the times you get in and out of the car in a day or a week.  You’re tracking so much stuff from the outside into your passenger cabin.  If you’re anything like me, you toss spare change and other oddball things in your cup holder, and you rarely really clean those suckers out.  Don’t even get me started on the door handles and other parts of your car.  A car wash, vacuum, and a little elbow grease can work wonders.

Your carpet.  Yep.  Even though you vacuum regularly, there are still all kinds of horrible things in there.  Pet dander, dust, and allergens are just a few of the things hiding in your carpets.  That’s why people shampoo their carpets. 

Do you know what most of these places have in common?  The BISSELL Powerglide line of vacuums can help you keep them clean.  There are additional cleaning tips on the BISSELL website.

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  • No loss of suction and sealed system
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  • Long-stretch hose
  • Lightweight
  • Swivel steering for maneuverability
  • Adjustable handle for easy use and storage
  • 12-inch foot for stability
  • Large capacity dirt cup
  • 27-foot cord
  • Included TurboBrush® and crevice tool

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