More Bald Celebrities that May Surprise You

Not too long ago, we discussed bald celebrities.  Some you knew wore a wig or toupee, some were a total surprise.  Anyway, I've gathered up a new batch of folically challenged famous men.
Wes Welker Hair Plugs Doctor
Wes Welker.
Yessir. The lontgtime New England Patriots receiver, now with the Denver Broncos, has had hair plugs. He’s fairly open about it, even doing an ad for his doctor {pictured}. 
AJ McLean Hair Plugs Before and After

AJ McLean
The bad boy from Backstreet Boys had hair replacement surgery in early 2013. He posted a picture of the before and after results on his Instagram feed. 

John Travolta
It’s fairly well documented that he wears at least a toupee. In previous years, it seemed like it was at least a decent wig, but now… it really looks bad. Especially in the video he did with Olivia Newton John. That whole thing was cringe-worthy, though. Watch it, then we can talk about it! 
Steve Carrell wears a toupee
Steve Carell
I didn’t think about Steve Carell wearing a hairpiece, until I was watching The Office not too long ago. His hair was visibly thinning, and then we watched Crazy Stupid Love, and I noticed that he had a lovely, full head of hair. Interesting.
**Edit – After watching the finale of The Office, there’s not a doubt in my mind he wears a toupee.
Ben Affleck Balding

Ben Affleck
While the jury is still out on this, the rumors have persisted for years. I don’t see it, but, hey. Maybe I just don’t want to? He did, however, have a bald spot that seems to have disappeared?  Perhaps he had some Rogaine or Propecia type treatment.
I also have to say –  DAYUM!  Ben Affleck is getting better with age. 
Wayne Rooney Hair Plugs
Wayne Rooney
The uber famous footballer, or as we call it here – soccer, tweeted out to his followers that he’d had hair transplant surgery. This is the pic he shared after his surgery.  I suppose I wouldn’t want to be a bald man at age 25, either.
Gene Kelly wearing a hairpiece
Gene Kelly
Yes, the beloved actor from so many movies is believed to have worn a hairpiece. Even in some of his most famous movies. In the picture above, you can even see the edge of his hairpiece. *gasp*
Are you surprised about any of these?  What other celebrities do you think are bald? 
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  1. gina says

    Insanity!!! Men can be bald & still be totally hot! If its thinning shave it, make it work without resorting to weird hair plugs & obvious wigs…I am female & I don't have bald spots, but  my hair has thinned a lot in the past years, so I wear it super short & try my best to rock it. Having hair does not equal attractiveness in all circumstances.

  2. MonaG says

    I had no idea about Steve Carell or Ben Affleck. I didn’t watch The Office and only watched him in movies. As for Ben Affleck, I only remember seeing pictures of him in magazines and he was usually wearing a baseball cap or a hoodie.

  3. Alexandra says

    I’ve been watching all “The Office” seasons the last weeks and I think Steve Carell had hair plugs. The change is noticeable from the first season to the second one. In the first he had very little hair above his forehead and then he had a lot!!

  4. Stacy Harrington Calhoun says

    Bald men can be hot, but if your balding just shave rest of it. Do not do the nasty comb over and do not attempt to salvage those 14 hairs that are left.

  5. Natalie Parvis says

    Wow! I didn’t know that about AJ McLean. I soent years obsessing over him and the BSB when I was younger. Hhahah.

  6. robyn donnelly says

    There are more men that have them then the ones who don’t. Most just go and have it changed with today’s latest technologies. Women go have all kinds of things done so why not men right?


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