Authentic Irish Shortbread Recipe

Traditional Irish Shortbread Cookies Recipe

As you may know, I am a huge fan of shortbread!  I love all kinds of shortbread cookies and I'm always looking for new recipes, new flavors, and different ways to make it.  This recipe is for Authentic Irish Shortbread and would be a fabulous addition to your St Patrick's Day meal. 

Oh. did I mention it's pretty easy to make, too. 

Authentic Irish Shortbread Cookies Recipe

Makes an 8 inch round, or a thinner 8 x 8 inch pan


½ Cup Butter – no substitutions
¼ Cup Sugar
¼ Cup Cornstarch
¾ Cup Flour
¼ tsp. Salt
½ tsp. Vanilla
Additional sugar or colored sugar for top.


In a mixing bowl, beat the butter and sugar well.  Add the cornstarch and beat until all is combined.

Add the flour, mixing until combined.  Your shortbread will probably have a dry ‘mealy’ texture, and not be perfectly smooth.  Add the salt and vanilla.

Pour the mixture into an 8 inch round or square pan.  Pat out evenly, and pres together to make a smooth surfaced dough. Sprinkle with additional sugar.

Put the pan in the fridge for about 10 minutes.  Then, bake at 325 degrees for about 12 – 15 minutes, until the cookies just start to turn golden around the edges.  Remove from oven, and cut into wedges or squares.

When cool, remove from pan and serve.

These are very crisp, and using real butter makes a big difference in the flavor and texture of the shortbread.

Total time: 35 minutes

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  1. says

    Looks so yummy – LOVE crisp cookies!   What does the cornstarch do for the recipe?  Would it make it easier to use this dough in a shortbread mold?

  2. Susan Broughton says

    This really sounds like a great recipe. I am going to pin it so I can go back and make this next time we are wanting something sweet. Thanks for the recipe!

  3. Barrie says

    I can’t believe how easy this recipe is! I love that these are all ingredients that I have in my house on a regular basis! I love shortbread.


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