The Heirloom Life Gardener Book Give It Away – 40th Birthday Bash

Welcome to the 40th Birthday Blog Hop/Miche Bag Party Giveaway! Sweeping the USA is giving away a Miche bag, thanks to her wonderful Miche rep. Michelle for donating the prize!!  She's not getting presents, though.  Nope!  You are!  Woohoo, right? How Was Your Day is giving away a Hardcover copy of The Heirloom Life Gardener […]

Odd News Roundup

A huge fat cat

I have mentioned it before, but I love odd news.  It just makes me happy!  Here are a few I've seen recently Police Helicopter searches for people "engaged in outdoor sexual activity."  Ha!  Don't be gettin frisky outdoors or the PoPo will come lookin' for ya!  It's kind of a hilarious article too.  A Man […]