How To Make Cabochon Pendant – A Tutorial

This cabochon pin/pendant is a gift I made for the girls on my list this year. I couldn’t share the project until after Christmas, lest someone know what I was up to!  They're an easy, simple, and quick to make project that pack a wallop!

You will need:


  • A Cab. Also called cabochon/cabuchon/ Resin Medallions. Sometimes these are glass, stone, or porcelain, too.
  • A setting that fits your cab. Cabs are sold by dimension. The ones I used are 30x40mm (approx 1 ¼ inches x 1 ½ inches) Settings will have the same measurement.
  • E-6000 Adhesive. It works the absolute best.
  • Acetone
  • Paper towels or a soft cloth

Time needed – 5 minutes or less

Cost – About $3.50 each. 

Directions –


Clean your settings and your cabs. If there’s any kind of grease, it will resist the adhesive. Many times, I use acetone to clean the settings, while a soft cloth or paper towel is usually sufficient for the cabs.

Spread the cab with E6000. Do this in a well-ventilated area, as the glue is nasty stuff. I generally poke a hole in the tube and squeeze out a glob of glue, as I usually get the cap glued on after a couple uses.

Press your cab onto your setting. If your setting has a bail or and your cab is directional, make sure both are going the same way. For example, if you’re using a cameo, you’d want to be sure that her head is pointed towards the bail before you glue her down.

Set aside and let it dry.

Easy and simple!


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