PunchTab – What is it?

You may have noticed a small pop-up when you’re making your first visit of the day.  It says something to the effect of “thanks for visiting +100 points.”  That’s the new HWYD loyalty program, {note: we no longer use Punchtab} run through PunchTab.  You can earn points by visiting, commenting, tweeting, +1’ing, and sharing on […]

Striped Shirt is Really Fun

Admit it. We’ve all had them. The parents that want the family dressed alike – for whatever occasion. Maybe it was Hawaiian shirts. Matching pajamas, perhaps? My grandmother made all the girls in the family wear the same dress for a family portrait. Oh, and it was home-sewn – and not well.

Check Out Tiny Prints Christmas Cards

Have you seen the amazingly  huge selection of Tiny Prints’ Christmas Cards. Over 400 choices?!?  Oh my!  How can you choose?  These are some of my favorites. Tree Print:  I love the whimsical and retro combination! Ornamental Delights: I adore vintage ornaments! What a Delight: Another great, whimsical card!  Wonderful if you have a lot […]

Fashion Friday: Tights

I think socks and tights are a fun way to dress up a boring outfit.   Do you have to wear a uniform to work and want to add your own personality?  How about the dress that fits perfectly, but is totally plain? Some of my favorites: Flower Tights.  via Tattoo Tights   Cable Tights

Calgary – A Great Place to Live

Calgary is such a delightfully gorgeous town. With the booming economy in Calgary – powered by the Oil sands, strong agriculture, and tourism – housing can be difficult to find. Of course, you’re going to need a place to hang your hat. That’s where Rent Calgary would be useful. What’s there to do in Calgary, […]