Guotie Pot Stickers Recipe

I love potstickers.  I’ve made them a few times, but I always felt they weren’t quite right – like something was missing.  This recipe looks so easy that I’m gonna give it another go!

The word for “pot stickers” in Chinese is guotie, literally “pot-stick,” a name they have earned from their
cooking method. Chinese cooks first steam guotie in giant flat-bottomed iron pans. When all the water is
absorbed by the dumplings, they are left in the pan to get crispy and “stick” to the pan. We recommend
using a nonstick skillet when making these so that the dumplings don’t actually stick to the pan forever.
These Guotie Pot Stickers make amazing appetizers served with the dipping sauce. We like to make more
dumplings than we can eat and freeze the extra for later.

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Holiday Gift Guide & Blog Hop Sponsor Opportunities

How Was Your Day (aka ME!!) is looking for sponsors for some upcoming events.


Holiday Gift Guide: Great gifts for her, for him, and for kids.  Limited space available

Holiday Entertaining Guide: Parties, decorations, food.   Evening and party looks/outfits.  Limited space available.


Holiday DIY Guide: HWYD is running a ton of fantastic how-tos and tutorials for the holiday season.  Gifts are always better when they’re from the heart.  We’re looking for craft supplies of any genre (beads, paper, yarn, fabric, etc), tools, and the like. We have unique sewn projects, bath and body, knit/crochet, and paper projects planned.

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Fashion Friday: Sweater Dresses

I love a good sweater.  I’m not super fond of wearing a jacket unless I’m going to be outside for a while (like apple picking) or it’s really cold.  I find a sweater keeps me toasty-warm but not too hot.



Pink Rose Dress V-Neck Cable 

How great is this mini sweater dress?  A great cut that is so flattering to most body types.  I especially like the cable knit pattern.   While I’m digging the Teal, this sweater is also available in purple, brown, and a burnt orange.  The best part?  It’s from Pink Rose, is available at Macy’s, and really reasonably priced.  How reasonable, you ask.  Does $38 sound good to you?  It does to me.  Oh –  it’s on sale right now for $24.99.  For that price, you can have sweater dresses in every color.

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Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Hot Rollers Reviews

Recently I had the opportunity to test out Conair’s new Xtreme Instant Heat Multisized Hot Rollers. I had some mixed feelings about this. Even though my hair’s natural texture is somewhat curly/wavy, I still use curling irons from time to time to control the wave. Hot rollers, though…those weren’t for me. I hadn’t used rollers since I was in Jr High.

When I got the Conair Xtreme hot rollers, though, I knew they were different. The first thing I noticed was the new style of clip. Rather than having the bobby pin style holders, these have big claw clips to hold the curlers in place. Hmmm…interesting! Another change was the rollers themselves. These were soft and velvety, and they seemed like they’d hold your hair better. With these two new design features, I realized that these weren’t my mama’s hot rollers!

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Feeding The Dragon Cookbook – Review

Title: Feeding the Dragon
Author: Mary Kate Tate & Nate Tate
Publisher: Andrews McMeel
Price: $24.99 US/$28.99 Canada

Feeding the Dragon is an amazing book. The tagline states “A culinary travelogue through China with Recipes.” I’ve never seen something designed to sell a product that was more fitting. Originating from the blog Feeding the Dragon, American siblings Nate and Mary Kate Tate (I love their names! Makes me smile every time I say them!!) travelled through China eating, photographing, and living among the locals.

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Fantastic Cocktail Dresses to Consider

Formal season has started.  Our local university is having their homecoming this weekend.  In most places, homecoming has, well, come and gone.  But not to fret – there are still a ton of opportunities for a fancy-schmancy frilly dress.
How about a cocktail party?  There’s a huge selection of cocktail dresses that are really quite chic.  This strapless number is a dress that you can go back to again and again.  A lovely line that’s fairly timeless with great detail across the bodice that almost looks like pin tucking.  Did I mention it’s only $69?  How awesome is that?

DIY Halloween Costumes

Where did October go? CRIPES!! No decorating yet. No jack o lantern so far. I haven’t gotten candy yet – not that it would last until halloween here. Heck, I haven’t even gotten wee one a costume! EEK!!

Here are a few fantastic DIY Halloween costumes that look pretty quick to do.

Meatballs and Spaghetti

How awesome is this?   Some yarn, a tablecloth, a paper plate.  Easy peasy and cheap!  And unique. 

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