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Win this Authentic Coach Leather Wristlet | Giveaway

Now that fall has arrived, there’s a ton of stuff going on.  We’re out looking at the changing leaves, heading to pumpkin patches, and preparing for Halloween.  Phew!  It’s enough to totally wear a person out!

coach wristlet

We’re here to help you get energized! One super lucky reader is going to win this pretty awesome Coach Wristlet.  It’s Authentic Coach, from the Coach store (not the outlet!) and is genuine leather.  Two zipper pockets, with plenty of room for the essentials. Large pocket has two side pockets that are perfect for your ID or credit cards. Approximately 4×6 inches, and is perfect for grabbing and going, or dropping into a bigger bag.  Personally, I love this for when I’m traveling.

Ready to enter?  Do so in the Rafflecopter widget after the jump.


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Beauty & Fashion

unt nail lacquers

UNT Nail Lacquers | Review + Giveaway

Thanks to SheSpeaks and UNT Beauty for sponsoring today’s conversation about one of my favorite things – nail lacquer! We recently talked about Asian beauty products and how they’re invading North America. Invading in the best of ways, of course. UNT Beauty has a ton of different products in their various lines, and today we’re…

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unt beauty

Introducing UNT Beauty + Reviews of Asian Beauty Products

Special thanks to SheSpeaks and UNT Beauty for sponsoring this conversation. I love to try new beauty products.  It’s totally my weakness and every time I watch TV, I’m all like “New mascara?  OH I NEED THAT!” It really doesn’t matter that I have 874 mascaras and 3285 lipsticks in my drawer already.  One of…

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Plaid Fall Grunge Fashion Splurge vs steal

Fall Plaid Grunge Fashion | Get the Look for Less

I’m the first to admit it – I like to shop.  I like to go out and buy new things, and add them to my closet. Some of these things are the newest trends.  However, I don’t always want to break the bank for something that’s not a classic piece. This is especially true when…

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Must Have Fall Beauty Trends

9 Must Have Fall Beauty Items that will Change Your Life

As we start to transition into fall, your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that needs updating. Nope.  Our beauty routines can use some freshening up as well. During the summer, we tend to adjust our makeup to brighter shades, darker foundations, and try some wild things.  It IS summer, after all. But when Fall rolls…

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Home & Garden

rustic Fall Mantel Decor

A Gorgeous Decorating Idea for a Budget Friendly Fall Mantel

Now that fall has finally arrived, the cooler weather is right around the corner.  And then, before you know it, the holidays are going to be here.  How can that be?  Wasn’t it just yesterday that school was getting out? One of the things that’s customary to do when Fall arrives is to update your…

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Fall Mantle Decor - Give Thanks

The fireplace mantel in a home generally falls into one of two categories – It’s decorated for every season, with the decorations being changed out often.  Or it’s a total catch-all place for your keys, junk mail, and other stuff. Whichever is the case, you’ll want to update your fall mantel decorations with these really…

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Dorm room essentials for him

I live in a college town. I didn’t really plan it that way, it just so happens that there are like 16 colleges here. The past week or so, I’ve really noticed that the kids are back in town. Stores are starting to get stripped of all the dorm room essentials.  Everyone wants the creature…

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fall foliage

Fall will be here before you know it. With the change of the seasons comes the cooler weather. Don’t get caught off guard! Before the seasons really change, there are a few things you need to do to get your house in tip top shape and prepare your house for fall.

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dunkin donuts croissant

How Far Would You Go For A Dunkin’ Donuts Breakfast Sandwich

Special thanks to Dunkin’ Donuts for sponsoring this conversation about breakfast whenev. We’ve all had the urge to have breakfast at a non-breakfast hour.  Generally, that leads to something like having Brinner – breakfast for dinner – or looking for some kind of restaurant that serves breakfast all day.  Pancakes and omelettes are great and…

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chocolate toffee macaron recipe

How to Make Gluten Free Chocolate Toffee Macarons at Home

It seems that macarons have taken over the world. I admit, while I am fairly adventurous in my taste testing of baked goods, I had not had macarons until maybe a year and a half ago. It wasn’t until a french patisserie opened in my town that I tried those little vividly colored jewels. They…

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Gramercy Buck cocktail

Great Ways to Enjoy Your Bourbon Cocktails

I enjoy a good cocktail now and again.  While there are lots of spirits that I enjoy, one is most definitely my favorite ingredient – bourbon. Come on – you have to admit that if it’s a bourbon based cocktail it’s almost guaranteed to be good.  These are a few great bourbon cocktails that may…

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Ember Bayou SIdecar

Louisiana Inspired Cocktails for Your Pleasure

I recently had the pleasure of traveling to the great state of Louisiana. More on that trip is coming soon. Granted, I didn’t get to see much outside of New Orleans, there is SO MUCH MORE to the state than just NOLA, and I can’t wait to return. I think one of my next places…

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Not the actual airline

What Really Happens When Your Flight is Cancelled?

Have you ever been stranded in an airport? Whether it’s an overbooked flight or a missed connection, it’s no fun. I recently had the misfortune of being stranded at the airport. In my case, it was the airline’s fault. Well, at least they were taking responsibility forthe delay. Sooo…what really happens when an airline leaves…

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james at the mill

Not too long ago, I spent a weekend in Fayetteville, AR. Fayetteville, for those that don’t know, is a vibrant college town with a lot going on. It’s the home of the University of Arkansas, and there’s always something happening. It’s a couple hours from my house, and a favorite weekend getaway. Usually, I stay…

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Known as the Paris of the West, San Francisco’s scorching summer heat waves, coupled with the freezing rip winds which come from the Pacific Coast, make it the perfect holiday destination for sun worshippers and city explorers alike.


The ancient city of Rome, Italy is famous for being the capitol of an enormous empire.  An empire that controlled a large portion of the world when it was at its peak 2,000 years ago. Nowadays, tourists from all around the world flock to Rome to soak in its unparalleled history and culture. Walking down…

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