Say HELLO to Chocolate with HELLO by Lindt


Don’t be shellfish…Special thanks to Hello by Lindt for supporting my candy habit.  Om nom nom. I love candy. There, I said it. Whenever I see a new candy at the store, I am tempted to try it. I mean, some sound icky, but most of the time…Most of the time, I’m seriously considering it. […]

Favorite Comfort Foods for Fall and Winter


Don’t be shellfish… The colder weather is here, and winter is well on its way. Soon the ground will be frosty, and we’ll all have a craving for comfort food like never before. Enjoying delicious comfort food is definitely one of the greatest things about winter! The following dishes are all hearty meals, containing lots […]

Why You Should Visit New York City


Don’t be shellfish…Do you have a significant anniversary on the Horizon?  Maybe you have a major life event coming up?  Lots of people choose to celebrate these with a holiday of a lifetime, and what better place to visit than New York City? We have seen it on television many times – the hero cops […]

Awesome Contemporary Interior Design Tips


Don’t be shellfish… Your home should be a calm place. Think more zen and less clutter in your home. When you decide to design your home decor, you should ensure that you choose a style that will suit you and your home life. If you have a huge family, a minimal style won’t work. There […]

Haxby for the Fashion Forward Man


Don’t be shellfish… Created by leather craftsmen, Michael Dow and Tim White, the Haxby brand is the newest in luxury men’s apparel. Each piece is uniquely designed to combine the edge of contemporary style with the quality of traditional artisan craftsmanship. Through their world travels, Dow and White have been able to gather and employ […]

Which to Choose: Carport vs Garage


Don’t be shellfish… image credit It’s the age old dilemma.  One which man has wrestled since the dawn of time. Well, since the invention of the automobile at least. What is better, a garage or a carport? People swear by one or the other; defending their point of view. They are both fantastic constructions that […]

Hairfinity Hair Vitamins for Healthier Hair

Don’t be shellfish…I just got my hair cut last week. One of the comments that my stylist always makes is that my hair is so healthy. Every stylist I’ve ever been to makes these same kind of comments on the state of my hair. The other crazy thing about my hair is that it grows […]

Practical Design Ideas for a Kids Playroom


Don’t be shellfish…Children have their bedrooms, but it never seems to be enough. They have so much stuff that it can seem just about impossible to contain it within one room. Toys are often scattered about, and who knows exactly what that is stuck to the rug.   Have you considered relinquishing an area within […]