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Media PR Kit for How Was Your Day?


I’m an early 30’s .  I’m a creative, handy kind of gal that likes bright colors, stimulating conversation, long walks along the beach – oh, wait.  Wrong profile!  I love to blog about items or events that include beauty, fashion, style, DIY, home decor, gardening, food, and travel.  Items that I feel would be a good fit include

  • Beauty products (cosmetics, bath and body, nail polish, soaps, etc)
  • Household items (cleaning supplies, home decor, appliances, tools, paint, linens, bedding, gardening, etc)
  • Food
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Crafty Bits (sewing, knitting, beading, needlework, paints, scrapbooking, papercraft)
  • Home Electronics


Ongoing Series

Growing the Garden and Preserving the Harvest –  A gardening series of tips, tricks, and how-tos.  What do you do with your bumper crop?  You have to preserve it.



Interested in partnering with us?  Email us at [email protected]


I am also interested in Brand Ambassador, Affiliate programs, and sponsorships of events.

If you’d like to have your products reviewed, I must receive a full size, sealed, non-returnable sample from your company.  Hosting a giveaway along side of your review is optional, but always encouraged.

I am not responsible for shipping the product to me, nor to the winners of any giveaway, unless we have made arrangements prior.

I run my giveaways for just over 2 weeks, unless it’s a special event.  I actively promote my giveaways via facebook, twitter, and various other websites.  If you’d like a longer or shorter timeframe, let’s talk!

All of my writeups have links to the sponsor’s products, websites, and where to purchase, when applicable.  For a giveaway, I will also link to your website and/or social media for ‘extra entries.’

Items must be family friendly, although I am fairly relaxed about those terms.


Sponsored Posts
I also do sponsored posts and offer ad space.  Please contact me for rates.

Have other ideas?  Contact me!  I am open to new ideas and suggestions. I’m pretty easy going.  Stats available upon request.

email me at whyhellogreta (at) gmail (dot) com

tweet me at



or, you can always use the contact form.  It’s located under the contact me tab.

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