Things to Do in Manchester England

Manchester, England has become synonymous with musical culture and amazing food. If you want to spend some time in a quality city, with a plethora of things to do and see, then you need to visit Manchester.

things to do in manchester Things to Do in Manchester England


Manchester is most commonly known for its thriving music scene. During its heyday in the 1980s the term ‘Manchester’ was coined in homage to its music. The bands that have come out of Manchester are world famous. The Smiths, the Stone Roses and the Happy Mondays all broke out of Manchester and thrust themselves into the public eye.

There is, however, more to Manchester England than its music scene. It is divided into four parts. Each quarter of the city has a distinct atmosphere. For those who are travelling to Manchester for a weekend you are undoubtedly eager to learn more about this amazing UK city.

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How to Sleep Better when Camping

better nights sleep How to Sleep Better when Camping

If there’s ever an activity that has been a hate-it-or-love-it proposition, it is camping. You have your one camp (pun intended) that loves the outdoors, and all the dirt, grit, and earthiness that comes with it. On the other side, there’s the group of people who can’t stand anything besides room service and plush, king-sized beds when away from home. But even among the greatest divides, there are the handful of people on the fence – like me! And when it comes to camping, the biggest force that often pushes somebody to one side or the other is the sleep they get. After all, there’s not much you can enjoy if you tossed, turned, and shivered your way to a whopping 18 minutes of sleep.  You can sleep better when camping, though!

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How to Pack for a Business Trip

what to pack for a business trip How to Pack for a Business Trip

Packing for a business trip can be stressful. After all, it is hard to anticipate everything you should bring for the trip. The only things you can count on needing for sure are briefcases with your laptop. This will allow you to work remotely wherever you are going. Since you do not want to over pack when it comes to what you will need for the rest of your trip, use this guide to help you figure out how to pack for a business trip.

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See the Secret Side of Switzerland

This is a Fashionista Events opportunity.

When you think of Switzerland, what immediately comes to mind?  Snow?  Skiing? Hot Chocolate?  What about cheese and dairy and fondue?  A neutral country during times of war and bank accounts?  That last part may just be the historian in me coming out…

Switzerland has so much more than that to offer.  During the summer, there’s water recreation.  I mean, liquid water – like lakes, not just the frozen stuff.  Or take a hike.  A hike to see the gorgeous countryside, not just, like, go away.

Check out the above video from the Swiss Tourism board, and be sure to view all of their other videos.  They are hilarious!  There may also be a contest to win a trip to Switzerland involved.  Jus’ sayin…

Whale Watching in Southern California

 Whale Watching in Southern California

San Diego Infographic Whale Watching in Southern California

San Diego Whale Watching in America’s Finest City – An infographic by the team at Marriott San Diego Hotels

When I was a wee child, I was slightly obsessed with ocean life.  I’m not really sure what started this obsession, but it was intense.  I have a feeling that it started because we always lived in a coastal community.   The famed ocean wildlife artist Wyland was painting a mural, and I can remember making my mom take me down there a couple times a week to watch!

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AirBNB Can Be Home When Traveling

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Are you familiar with AirBNB?  Basically, it’s like a network that allows people to rent out their homes to travelers.  Some of these are vacation homes, some are like house-sitting, and other times, you’re renting a spare room in someone’s house or their guest house.

AirBNB has released their latest ad campaign.  This is a fabulous video that I really think is pretty fab.  You have to watch it all the way to the end though.

Las Vegas Vacations for Adults

This post brought to you by Southwest Airlines Vacations. All opinions are 100% mine.

klLt3nn Las Vegas Vacations for Adults

Las Vegas is a fantabulous place to visit.  There was a time that it was full of questionable people and shady dealings.  No longer.  It’s not somewhere you can feel safe to bring your family, whether it’s your kids or your granny.  However, this Las Vegas Vacations post ain’t about that.  It’s about partying and adult trips to Las Vegas.

When I lived in SoCal, one of our favorite girls’ getaways was to head to Vegas.  We could fly cheaply on Southwest Airlines, get a room at a fab hotel, and have a good time.  A really good time.  Even if we didn’t decide to fly, it was a fairly short road trip of about 3 ½ hours. 

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Have You Ever Wanted to go to Aruba?

This post brought to you by Aruba Tourism Authority. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I was in like 4th grade, the movie Cocktail came out.  And if you know anything about that movie, you know that the song Kokomo was popular too.  SUPER popular.  It was about then that I first became semi-aware of Aruba. 

Now that I’m, ummmm…older, I am much more familiar with the island nation of Aruba, and the amenities that they offer.  I was asked what I’d like to do if I went to Aruba, and why I’d want to go.   First, why do I want to go to Aruba?  Uhhh…really?  I want to go because it’s ARUBA!  As for what I would want to do?  Well, I’m the type of person that likes to jam in a little of everything when I go somewhere. 

Aruba is known for its ahhh-mazing beaches with stunning white sands and gorgeous turquoise waters.  I like to swim in the ocean, and love love love to snorkel.  So I think I’d totally take advantage of that. 

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