Bi Annual Blogathon Bash Kickoff


I'm participating in the Bi-Annual Blogathon Bash.  I believe I signed up for it before, but kinda always missed it.  Not this year, my friends.  Nope. This time, I got stuff to do!  It seems that I've fallen {behind} and can't get {caught} up.  So I'm taking this weekend to knock some of it out. 

Spring Cleaning in Autumn Giveaway Hop – Signups Open

  Saved By Grace and How Was Your Day? have joined forces once again.  We will be hosting a giveaway hop that kicks off November 3rd and ends November 10th. The hop is cleaning/organizing themed and we are inviting all bloggers of all sizes to participate! By signing up on the Linky below, you agree […]

You Look Mahvelous Beauty Giveaway Hop – Signups Now Open!

You Look Mahvelous Beauty Hop

  Announcing the "You Look Mahvelous" giveaway hop.  This is a beauty-themed hop that will run from November 5-25, 2012.  There's going to be an amazing grand prize, too.  Details on that will be announced shortly!  Each blogger will be required to provide their own beauty-related prize, with a minimum value of $25 that will […]

The Crazy Days (and Nights) of A Blogger Video

I'm not sure where this came from.  My mom sent it to me and she's not the best at sending me the source.  Anyway, this video is HI-LAR-I-OUS!!!  If you're a blogger, you'll recognize yourself in this video more than you want to admit. Also, it has a few swear words in it.  Fair warning!

Easy Grammar Tips for Bloggers

  Aren’t pet peeves the worst?  Usually, they’re something ridiculously small or stupid and they annoy the bejeezus out of you!  Dumb things like not sealing the zipper bag all the way.  Or closing the Tupperware lid all the way.  Leaving shoes in the doorway – that’s a good one, too!!  My other major pet […]

FREE BLOGGER EVENT – $250 Dulce Mio Gift Card Giveaway Sign-Ups

  It's another great free blogger event!  Dulce Mio, a fantastic company that makes really fun jewelry, bags, and home dec items has graciously sponsored a $250 gift card to their online store.  This will be open to winners worldwide.  Bloggers can get one link of their choice – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Linky Follows.  […]

Break Out of the Blogging Rut

  How do you start a blog post?   Do you want the easy way to do it or the hard way?  The easy way is to say “write about whatever you want.”  Welll…we all know that that doesn’t always work.  Personally, I’ve been in one of those ruts lately.  I’ve had very little motivation and […]

How Do You Think? #nablopomo

  Do your thoughts jump around or glide? It really depends on what I’m thinking about, and what else I have going on at the time.  It seems at times that if I’m deliberately trying to think something through and get the details nailed down, my thoughts are all over the place.  Especially if it’s […]