Greenbug for People Pest Control

I’m a fair-haired, fair-skinned kinda gal.  Bugs – they like me.  No, scratch that, they LOOOOVVVE me.  I spend my time either indoors or being eaten alive. That’s part of the reason I was so glad to find Greenbug for People All Natural Pest Control! Greenbug is an all-natural pest control spray for people.  It’s […]

Dracula in Love by Karen Essex – Review

Dracula in Love is Karen Essex’s retold tale of the true relationship between The Count Dracula and Mina, his schoolteacher lover/soulmate. Mina is haunted her entire life by a mystery man/protector who keeps watch over her until her wedding.  At that point, they become re-acquainted.  The mystery man sabotages her impending marriage.  He whisks her […]

A visit to Staples

I’m a bit of an office supply addict. It’s all my mother’s fault, I suppose. She is a pen snob, and introduced me to the finer points of nice stationery at a very early age. I really prefer going to the independently owned stationery stores, but as we don’t have a good one here, I […]

Fab Five – Autumn Delights

Autumn is my favorite season – by far!  Apples, leaves changing, crisp air, kids going back to school, the list goes on and on.  Here are a few of my favorite autumn delights. Pumpkin Spice Latte YES! It was last weekend that I saw it was available again. That is always one of my key […]

Fashion Friday: Nail Polish Trends

I love nail polish. Like, I seriously looooooove nail polish. Among the many reasons that I like it so much is that nail polish is an inexpensive, fairly quick pick me up. You can pick up a bottle for a couple dollars or you can go have a manicure an treat yourself to some pampering.  […]

Chowder, Blues, and Brews – Florence, OR

Do you love chowder and beer?  How about some fantastic blues music in small coastal towns?  If this sounds like you, then you probably need to head out to Florence, OR for the Chowder, Blues, and Brews fest.  Chowder, Blues, and Brews in Florence, OR might be one of the best, creatively self explanatory titles […]

Iolo System Mechanic – Review

When I received the opportunity to take Iolo System Mechanic software for a test drive, I jumped at the chance. Having an older desktop that I prefer to work on, I figured this program could only help it! It was easy to install. I just downloaded it, clicked the yes button, and off it went! […]

Fab Five: Cheesy TV Shows

We all have those bad tv shows that we watch. The ones that are so bad they’re good. This is my list of my favorite cheesy tv shows. Stone Undercover I’m a sucker for bad Canadian tv shows. DaVinci’s Inquest, Cold Squad, He Shoots, She Scores. The list goes on and on. Stone Undercover may […]