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Deodomom natural deodorant

So, I have an issue.  While I normally wouldn’t share, as it’s kind of embarrassing, we’re all friends here, right?  Of course we are. 

I’ve developed an allergy to my deodorant.  UGH!  It’s gross and kind of nasty.  I’ll spare you all the gory details, but I needed to find an alternative.  Since they – the GP doc nor the Dermatologist – weren't sure what was causing the problem, they suggested I try something else.  However, it was recommended that I stop using my deodorants. 

Okay, that’s fine.  But I still need to use something.  U tried a few other commercially available deodorants, just to have a similar allergic reaction. 


I smelled good, and by good, I mean a lot.  I still needed to use some kind of deodorant, and it looked like commercial products were out of the question.  I had started to look for a natural deodorant when I came across 30someweeks

30SomeWeeks is a line of natural soaps and deodorants that are designed for pregnant women.  While they’re designed for those who are expecting, anyone can use the products – even teens and men! 

30someweeks sent me a couple of their natural deodorant products – a roll on and a jar of the deodorant cream.  The roll-on is a typical roll on deodorant, while the cream almost looks like lotion and applies with your fingers. 

I was a little concerned about the natural deodorant, as they’re not always the most effective products.  However, the 30SomeWeeks products worked really well.  I didn’t notice that I had any extra body odor or anything while using the natural deodorant.

While I prefer a solid bar, the roll on deodorant was a more than acceptable substitute.  The only thing that took some getting used to, for me at least, was that there’s no scent.  While I don’t like deodorants that have a ton of scent, I usually use something that has a fresh scent or something instead of an unscented product. 

If you’re looking for a natural deodorant, consider 30SomeWeeks.  You can connect with 30SomeWeeks on Facebook and twitter, too. 

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