Friendship? What Does it Mean? #nablopomo


Friendship?  What does it mean?

It seems that people don’t value friendships any more.  I suppose I’m guilty of that as well.  My mom has friends that she went to grade school with.  I’m lucky if I can remember what my teachers’ names were.  And friends from that time?  Fuhgeddabouddit. 

When I stopped working in the office as much, I ceased keeping in touch with my old friends.  I mean, sure…I still know what’s going on with them via Facebook and twitter, but I can’t remember the last time we went out for drinks or lunch.  We used to have drinks once a week or go to Trivia night.  Lunch or dinner was at least a once a week event. 

I’ve only ever had a couple really good friends that I am no longer on speaking terms with.  Even when we weren’t good friends any longer, we still maintained at least casual friendship.  I’ve always tended to keep people at an arms length until I was sure about them.  I am a bit of a cautious sort when it comes to my personal life.  Once I’ve accepted you, though, I will run through a brick wall for you. 

Sure, people flit in and out of your life.  That’s part of life.  I guess the rest of it depends on how you deal with that.

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