6 Food Memoir Books Worth Reading

We received review copies of these selected food memoir books.  All opinions are our own.


I like books about food, and I love biographies and books that are true stories.  Combine the two, and you get a food memoir.  Right?  Well, that’s at least what I’m calling them.  Here’s 6 food memoir books that are worth reading.

waiting-at-joes-book (575 x 576)

Waiting at Joe’s

Joe’s Stone Crab  is one of those Miami institutions that’s a must visit.  A favorite of locals, celebrities, and visiting tourists, you’ll never know who you’ll see.  Waiting at Joe’s tells the stories of a myriad of staff from Joe’s over the years.  It’s a quick read, as each chapter is just a few pages with each person’s views on the restaurant and a coupe stories to tell.


one-souffle-at-a-time-book (575 x 576)

One Souffle at a Time

Anne Willan is a renowned chef and foodie.  She’s the founder of La Varenne Cooking School, and has trained many a chef and food editor in her time.  She was one of the people that made French cooking accessible to the everyday cook.  This is the story of her life, and she tells some tales of her famous friends.  Friends like Julia Child, Richard Olney, and James Beard.  There are quite a few recipes smattered throughout the book, but they’re a bit hard to find.  It’s almost like you happen upon them while reading.

relish-my-life-in-the-kitchen (575 x 578)

Relish: My Life in the Kitchen

This is an illustrated book that’s done in comic book or graphic novel format.  It’s a quick read, but the book is full of humble brag.  While that can be okay, it’s not even the author’s own humble brag. It’s her parents’ alleged accomplishments, which are drastically blown out of proportion.  There are also several pages devoted to each time she ventured out of her town on the briefest of journeys.

relish-my-life-in-the-kitchen-3 (575 x 576)

I was not a fan of this book at all, {in case you can’t tell!} but when looking around the ‘net, I seem to be in the vast minority.  Maybe I’m just missing something.

mastering-the-art-of-soviet-cooking (390 x 600)

Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking

I’ve always had a slightly bizarre fascination with all things Russia.  Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking covers food throughout every decade of the 20th Century.  You get an insiders look at life in the USSR and how it affects those who have been gone for a really long time.  You also get a detailed look at the author’s emigration to America, and how the different culture impacted her life.  I was really hoping that there were some recipes included.  Alas, there were not.

the-telling-room (450 x 600)

The Telling Room

Michael Paterniti was seduced by a cheese maker while visiting Spain.  So much so, that he uprooted his family and they relocated to this tiny Spanish town to chase artisanal slow food dreams.  Once they got there, they realized that the town was full of intrigue, espionage, death threats, and even murder plots!  Say what? Part mystery novel, part memoir that are based in food and travel.  It really draws you in! I wasn’t sure if this was a memoir or a novel at first.

sizzling-history-of-miami-cuisine-book (575 x 577)

The Sizzling History of Miami Cuisine

Miami culture has a flair that is all its own.  That trickles  down to the food.  Discover the history of Miami’s distinct cuisine, and how it’s not all seafood and Latin flavors.  Did you know that Burger King started in Miami?  I discovered that reading this book!  Jam-packed full of historic details and stories from chefs.

Do you have any plans to read these food memoir books?  What’s your favorite book?

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