Hearty Italian Food Favorites Everyone Can Enjoy


Everyone loves hearty Italian food. With the diversity in flavours and the rich ingredients, you could be forgiven for wanting to eat everything! One of the best things about hearty Italian food is that it is diverse. There are many different kinds of Italian cuisine that can be enjoyed that far surpass the common pasta […]

Favorite Comfort Foods for Fall and Winter


The colder weather is here, and winter is well on its way. Soon the ground will be frosty, and we’ll all have a craving for comfort food like never before. Enjoying delicious comfort food is definitely one of the greatest things about winter! The following dishes are all hearty meals, containing lots of veggies and […]

My Real Trip to Ski Resorts


When I was in my teens, I could see it – me, in my fancy fur-edged parka, slim pants, and cool boots, swooshing down a hillside, going a million miles an hour.  I would ride up the side of the mountain in the open chair lift, cute boy at my side… I have wanted to […]

Winter Wedding Ideas for 2012 – Elegant and Formal

Oscar de la Renta Winter 2012 wedding dress

It used to be that people only got married during the Summer.  Well, if they were having a big wedding, that is.  Nowadays, weddings are happening year-round.  The only problem with this, is that you need to prepare for a Winter wedding much differently than you do for a summer wedding.  Here are some of […]

No nonsense Tights and Leggings

This post brought to you by No nonsense. All opinions are 100% mine. Hi.  My name is Greta and I like to wear leggings.  It’s true!  And for some reason, people think that should be a shameful thing.   Let me clarify.  I don’t wear leggings every day.  I don’t believe leggings are a replacement […]