5 Tips for Swimming Pool Maintenance Safety

5 Tips for pool Maintenance Safety

poolmaintenance 5 Tips for Swimming Pool Maintenance Safety

My husband Ed laughs when someone asks him if I’m detail oriented. I tend to be a spreadsheet type person – I like to do things in a regular order. It just makes life easier. Ed is the other way – he picks up after himself if he happens to think of it. So we work better if we set up a schedule for swimming pool maintenance. Here are 5 tips we have found helpful:

1) When the kids aren’t home. During swimming pool maintenance, Ed is handling chemicals that can be harmful before they’re diluted for use in the pool. They might contain up from twelve to ninety five percent chlorine. If the fumes from that are inhaled, or if some flies into the air, it could be a real danger. So we plan our maintenance schedule for a time when the kids are at soccer practice or some other activity. That way we do not have to watch out for the children while we’re trying to safely handle pool chemicals.

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