How to Update Your Wardrobe on a Budget

update your wardrobe on a budget

Learn how to update your wardrobe on a budget and never have that “I have nothing to wear” feeling again!

update your wardrobe on a budget How to Update Your Wardrobe on a Budget

You know the feeling. You open your closet and you have nothing to wear. Even though it’s full of clothes, you still feel this way. We get bored of our outfits quickly. We need to constantly reinvent ourselves and change up our look. It’s important because it builds our confidence. A new t shirt can help us take on the world. It sounds superficial but it’s true. There’s a reason they call it retail therapy. Shopping helps release endorphins and we feel better for it.

The only problem is money. If only we could afford to go out and buy a whole new set of clothes every weekend. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible. Unless you know a few budget hacks to reduce the cost. We’re going to show you how to go shopping and stick to a budget. There is a way to update your wardrobe on a budget and there’s nothing to stop you. Follow these simple tricks and get yourself a whole new wardrobe on the cheap.

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How to Screenprint Your Own Shirts


Artsy tees are all over lately. Learn how to design and screenprint your own shirts, for either a hobby or a business.

how to screenprint shirts How to Screenprint Your Own Shirts

T-shirts are stylish and practical. Fashion designers and top stores are constantly producing cool t-shirts for people to wear. If you like to create cool designs, then you might be able to create your own t-shirts. It is easier than ever to transfer your art to clothing. Learn how to screenprint your own shirts.

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8 Reasons to Love Shapewear


8 reasons to love shapewear 651x1024 8 Reasons to Love Shapewear

The styles of clothes today are designed with tiny, thin, and young women in mind. For the rest of the population, the pressure to look incredible and flawless can leave you wondering if dieting and exercising will ever allow you to look as fabulous as the celebrities and models. The great news is that with shapewear, you can achieve a trim, sleek, and smooth body in no time. For your slimming and shaping needs, here are the top eight reasons we love body shapers.

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Haxby for the Fashion Forward Man


haxby for the fashion forward man Haxby for the Fashion Forward Man

Created by leather craftsmen, Michael Dow and Tim White, the Haxby brand is the newest in luxury men’s apparel. Each piece is uniquely designed to combine the edge of contemporary style with the quality of traditional artisan craftsmanship. Through their world travels, Dow and White have been able to gather and employ the best in materials and design to develop a unique brand to complement the tastes of the fashion savvy man, and the women who love them.

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The Evolution of Cowboy Boots

Western and cowboy boots have become more than a working shoe for ranchers.  They are now at the epitome of style for just about everyone.  This infographic shows the history and evolution of cowboy boots.  How they went from a working shoe to a desired fashion statement.

BootDaddy Evolution of the Cowboy Boot draft 2 The Evolution of Cowboy Boots

Pearl Jewelry Shopping Tips


pearl jewelry shopping tips Pearl Jewelry Shopping Tips

All throughout history pearls have been revered almost as much as fine gems. In more recent times, a gift of pearls were considered almost a rite of passage from schoolgirl to womanhood. Be it a demure pair of earrings to the bold statement of a strand of black Tahitians, pearls are always beautiful.

Pearls are a naturally-found gem that start out as a mere piece of grit, but eventually become the shimmery beads we’re familiar with thanks to sea mollusks. These small creatures see those pieces of grit as invaders, and coat them with multiple layers of nacre, which thickens to create the luminescent pearls we love to wear on our ears, necks, and wrists.

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Tips for Choosing Pageant Dresses


pageant dresses 2 wm Tips for Choosing Pageant Dresses

If my addiction to watching Toddlers and Tiaras has taught me anything, it’s that the contestants are in it to win it. Many times, this ambition comes at any price – be it monetarily or ethically. It is seriously amazing the amount of money that the parents spend on a little girl’s dress or costume that she may only wear once or twice. Some of these people though, they need help.

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