Can Being Organized Save You Money?


The old saying that haste leads to waste is true. Speeding to work can cause a costly car crash. Jumping into a purchase without much forethought can mean money lost. Any hastily made decision should be avoided, if at all possible. Having a disorganized home will cost money in the long-run. Have you ever forgotten […]

Spring Cleaning Tips


  Thanks to Febreze Spring Scents for sponsoring today’s conversation about Spring Cleaning Tips. I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for Spring.  The trees are budding out, the birds are chirping, and animals are coming out of their hibernation.  Know what else is happening?  Spring cleaning!

How to Organize Paperwork

How to Organize Your Paperwork

How to Organize Paperwork was inspired by Fellowes.   Samples may have been provided to facilitate this article. One of the biggest clutter magnets is my desk, workspace, and home office.  There’s all these little pieces of paper that are hanging around, and I don’t know why.  Do I need to keep them?  Can I toss […]