Concerts to See in 2013



It appears that there are some serious concerts to see in 2013!  There are some music tours that are more anticipated and revered than the rest; it takes more than fancy clothing and a rock star image to woo the audience. A music artist is required to be an epitome of individuality and inspiration, and that makes him/her stand out from the crowd.

If you are a music buff, you would know how some musical concerts are more exciting than the others. Nobody is crazy for the usual lip syncing amateurs; it takes someone truly adept in his or her genre to bring down the house. Here are some of the most original showmen in the industry, who can mesmerize millions with a live concert:


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There is a reason why Aerosmith is a legend; this band knows how to rock the night away. Better known as America’s greatest rock n roll band, they have been performing since the 1970’s, and continue to boast of house-full shows. The immaculate guitar skills and Steven Tyler’s vocals, that are equally brilliant when performing live, bring in thousands of rockers to see an Aerosmith act. Hands down, this rock band is a must see!

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The Benefits of Music Lessons


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Mental Benefits of Music Lessons

 There are many ways a person can benefit from studying music. The benefits are both mental and spiritual, and many research projects show there is a correlation between the study of music and better performance in academics. If every parent were aware of the evidence, he or she would find the best music teacher available for their children.

 The Benefits to the Brain: Cognitive Development

 Students in high quality music classes score high on standardized tests. Playing an instrument enhances the brain stem’s sensitivity to speech sounds. Experiencing music at a young age can “fine tune” the auditory system according to Nature Neuroscience, April 2007.

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Music to Motivate

Music has always been one of the things that I enjoy.  I’ve always had really eclectic tastes and have liked a wide variety of styles and genres.  It’s funny, because really the only genres I don’t like are Jazz and modern R&B.  Oddly enough, I don’t like them for the same reason – I’m not a fan of music that veers off on its own tangent.  

That's one of the reasons that I love Spotify.  I can listen to, literally, just about any song ever recorded.  Oh, don't mind if I do!

Just about everything else, though, is fair game for my play list.  A few of my favorite songs right now. 

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