Unconventional Love Story Movies


We’re all looking for love. It’s one of the basic human emotions that makes us feel whole. Whether it’s romantic love, a strong friendship bond, or parental and familial love, we all need it. These are some of my favorite unconventional love story movies that showcase that one true love in unexpected places and ways.  […]

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Top 5 Romantic Movies

Valentine’s Day is veering down upon us rapidly.  I mean, I can see it from here, and I don’t have a clue as to what I’m going to do yet.  It may be a popcorn and movies night.  What movies?  Perhaps one of these great Romantic movies.  Crazy Stupid Love – It’s got Emma Stone.  […]

My First Crush

Luc Robitaille

One of my very first tween-slash-teen crushes was Luc Robitaille.  Waaaayyyyyyy back when. he played hockey for the LA Kings.  And he was dreamy.  He had a dark, curly mullet, because all hockey players seem to go for that look.  Nowadays they call it their flow.  And he  a soft French accent.  That accent was […]