Introducing the UPJ Chair



Everyone has some kind of home décor. Whether we’ve invested a lot of money, or a small amount, our home says something about out personal tastes and style. Maybe it’s those bright and bold throw pillows, or that chair with the wild fabric. Those are the pieces that start to tell the story of your personal aesthetic.

Your child’s room is no different. So often, I see kids’ rooms that are devoid of anything interesting. Plain, uninteresting furniture with white walls, and maybe a cartoon character bedding set. Or maybe there’s a wall of brightly colored plastic drawers. Where’s the joy in that?!?! Or the excitement and stimulation.

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Practical Design Ideas for a Kids Playroom


Children have their bedrooms, but it never seems to be enough. They have so much stuff that it can seem just about impossible to contain it within one room. Toys are often scattered about, and who knows exactly what that is stuck to the rug.



Have you considered relinquishing an area within your home for the children? This can be an excellent way to ensure that they have their own space, but it also means that you get your home back. There are some brilliant interior design tips that you can use while you undergo Operation Children’s Play Room. Even better, these ideas are the epitome of fun. Let’s take a look at some great ways that you can create a beautiful space within your home. Remember, a kids playroom should be specially designed with children in mind.


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Introducing Buy Baby Deals

Buy Baby Deals

We received an item from Buy Baby Deals.  All opinions are my own.


Last year, it seemed like everyone I knew was pregnant.  It was seriously ridiculous.  In our office at work, there were 8 people expecting.  Then factor in my friends, family, and other random people I had to do something for, and it was out of control.  I must have purchased at least 20 baby gifts last year.  It was ridiculous, not to mention expensive.

I wish I had known about Buy Baby Deals at that time.  Buy Baby Deals is a new daily deals site that offers fun baby & kid products for up to 80% off the retail prices.  How do they do this?  Volume discounts that are only available for a very limited time.  Most of their steep discounts are only available for one day, or until the item sells out, whichever comes first.  But they also have an online boutique that has select items at everyday low prices.

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Positive Sprouts for Healty Eating

Positive Sprouts from the Boys and Girls Club of America

Positive Sprouts from the Boys and Girls Club of America

If someone were to tell me that people don’t eat fresh fruits and vegetables, I would not have believed you.  At least not before I moved to the area I live in, that is!  When we moved here, I could not believe what people ate.  I mean, I’m known for having cake for breakfast – just ask anyone that I have morning meetings with.   But I do mix in healthy foods during my day. 

The Boys and Girls Club of America, along with Amway, want to change that.  Amway?  That's kind of an odd partnership, isn't it?  To some, it may be.  You can find out more about the relationship between Boys and Girls Club of America and Amway here. They’ve teamed up to help teach BGCA members about the importance of eating healthy foods and having a balanced diet.  They are doing this in a few ways. 

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How to Enjoy a Day with Baby While Sleep Deprived

Eating for energy with baby

Tips for enjoying your new baby while sleep deprived


Sleepless nights are not a strange phenomenon for new parents. In fact, missing sleep after the birth of a newborn is pretty much expected. As much as you love your baby, it can still be difficult to rise and shine on too few hours of sleep. Here are some tips that can brighten your day with your baby even when you’ve been seriously shortchanged on sleep.

Nap When the Baby Naps

Rather than trying to squeeze in chores or phone calls when the baby goes down for a nap, try sleeping next to him instead. Shut the window coverings, turn off the lights and the phone and grab a nice, snuggly blanket. Some new moms have difficulty napping during the day despite being very tired. If you think of daytime napping as an acquired skill, you’ll see that persistence is required to make the most of this time. Let go of all of the chores that you should be doing for a short space of time. When you awaken, you’ll feel much more refreshed and will be able to complete your chores much more efficiently.

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How To Make Vitamins Attractive to Kids

Getting kids to take their vitamins


How To Make Vitamins More Attractive to Children

At one point or another, most parents will have to give medication to their kids. If you are one of the lucky few who hasn’t had this experience, take note. The simple act of giving medicine or even just a vitamin to your child can result in a battle of wills that closely resembles a knock-down drag-out fight.

Vitamins and medicine are necessary for your child’s health. Accordingly, it’s important to make this process as pain free as possible, and there are several ways through which you can convince your children that taking their medicine is actually a good thing.

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Little Brother Giveaway Prize Pack – US

Everyone likes presents, right?  I mean, I know I do! 

From now until September 22nd, you have a chance to win over $3390 in prizes in the Noise Girls For the Family Giveaway Event! The Little Brother Package is valued at over $579. You can check out the Noise Girls reviews to see what products are included for your very special Little Brother! 

Some of these would be fan-tastic to put away for the holidays or birthday gifts, too.  And, of course, they're great for people other than little brothers.

The Little Brother Prize Pack includes:

To enter for your chance to win, visit the Noise Girls For the Family "Little Brother's" Package Page.  Or enter in the Rafflecopter form after the jump!

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Crayon Rocks – Soy Crayons for Little Hands

Crayon Rocks soy wax crayons

Coloring is one of the great joys in life.  I’m not ashamed to admit it – I still love to color.  Let’s face it – there’s not a whole lot of things that are better than brand new crayons.  Crayon Rocks soy crayons are all kinds of fun. 

Crayon Rocks soy crayons are available in a myriad of colors.  While they don’t have the entire 96 color range of the big names, there are more than enough colors to make anyone happy.  Made with Soy wax, instead of petroleum, these are better for your kids and the environment.   The soybeans are grown in the USA, and the soy crayons are colored with mineral pigments.

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