Pearl Jewelry Shopping Tips


pearl jewelry shopping tips Pearl Jewelry Shopping Tips

All throughout history pearls have been revered almost as much as fine gems. In more recent times, a gift of pearls were considered almost a rite of passage from schoolgirl to womanhood. Be it a demure pair of earrings to the bold statement of a strand of black Tahitians, pearls are always beautiful.

Pearls are a naturally-found gem that start out as a mere piece of grit, but eventually become the shimmery beads we’re familiar with thanks to sea mollusks. These small creatures see those pieces of grit as invaders, and coat them with multiple layers of nacre, which thickens to create the luminescent pearls we love to wear on our ears, necks, and wrists.

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How to Make Resin Glitter Pendants


Thanks to Oriental Trading for providing some of the supplies for these Resin Glitter Pendants.

how to make a resin glitter pendant How to Make Resin Glitter Pendants

As most of you know by now, I have a love affair with glitter. I mean, I’m pretty sure it’s a two-way street and we’re thisclose to being official. I wanted to make something that I could show the world my love, not just another home décor glitter project. Enter the Resin Glitter Pendants.

Real resin is difficult to use, and in my experience, has mixed results. You have to make sure that you mix it just right, for long enough – but not too long – and that the weather is just right. Yeah, I don’t have the time or patience for all of that. Sooo…I chose to use Diamond Glaze, which is a resin-like product, but about a thousand times easier to use. There are other brands of this on the market, but Diamond Glaze and Crystal Lacquer are my favorites.

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How to Wear a Statement Necklace

Disclosure: How to Wear Statement Necklaces is part of an advertorial. pixel How to Wear a Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces have become so popular in the past year or so.  One of the questions I hear most often is – “How do I wear a Statement Necklace?”

It’s really not that hard!  A lot of it depends on the style of the necklace.  For a necklace like this one, which is loaded with fabric rosettes in various colors, I would pair it with a solid colored top.

c600x776 How to Wear a Statement Necklace

I would wear this with a white or black tee or tank, denim capris, and sandals.  For a slightly dressier look, I might switch out some black or khaki pants and a wedge or a heel.

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Shop for Good with ShopFunder

diva-necklace (650 x 487)

This Shopfunder conversation was sponsored by ShopFunder.  Opinions are our own.

diva necklace 650 x 487 Shop for Good with ShopFunder

I am a huge fan of indie and artisan goods.   Indie jewelry artisans, small bag or clothing designers, artisan foods and cosmetics – I love them all.  One of the biggest problems with supporting these smaller companies is the ability to actually find them.  They don’t generally have large budgets to advertise with, and if they have a website, it’s possible that you could never find them.  It becomes frustrating.

There’s a new site out there to help us – ShopFunder.  ShopFunder has compiled a ton of great indie and artisan companies all in one site.  Each company has a storefront that displays their wares, or you can search by whatever items you’re looking for – like necklaces or clutch bags. As if that wasn’t enough, a portion of all sales go towards charity.  You get to shop small, indie brands and do something good for charity at the same time!?  Pretty great, right?

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ISLY Clutch & Rustic Cuff Giveaway #fashionistaevents


Oh yes, that most glorious time has arrived yet again. Of course I’m talking about the amazing SPRING Fashionista Giveaway Even, hosted by The Chief Blonde at Still Blonde After All These Years and Katy from  Modly Chic.  All Fashion! Only FASHION event! Largest Fashion Giveaway event on the internet with $26,000+ in prizes, 100+ participating blogs and 3/4 million entries. Each individual blog has a minimum of $125 prize!

ISLY clutch bags ISLY Clutch & Rustic Cuff Giveaway #fashionistaevents

Here at How Was Your Day?, we’ve partnered with a fantabulous site called Shopfunder.  Seriously, this site is one of my new favorite shopping sites, and I can easily spend HOURS there.  It’s all small artisan and indie designers selling fashion, beauty, and home products.  PLUS – a portion of the sales go to various charities.  LOVE!
We’ve taken two of the most popular designers and put together a prize package.

First, the winner will get their choice of clutch bags from ISLY.  These are silk with matching silk lining.  Ooh la la!  So elegant and regal!  This line counts Kerry Washington among its fans.

cuff bracelets 3 650 x 487 ISLY Clutch & Rustic Cuff Giveaway #fashionistaevents

Next, the winner will receive a cuff of their choice from Rustic Cuff.  These cuffs are totally ahhh-mazing!  A favorite of celebs like Giuliana Rancic, Miranda Lambert, Sheryl Crow, and so many more.  Check out our full feature on Rustic Cuff, and learn how to rock a cuff here.

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Jewelry Inspired by the TV Show Revenge


Press Samples

jewelry inspired by revenge Jewelry Inspired by the TV Show Revenge

I watch a lot of TV.  There, I said it.  Most shows I don’t watch-watch, I just sort of pay half-attention, while I’m doing something else.  There are a couple of shows, though, that get my full attention.  One of these is Revenge on ABC.  I have to know what Emily Thorne’s next move is going to be and how the Graysons are planning to screw someone over.  And at some point, SOMEONE has to figure out that Emily Thorne is really Amanda Clarke, right?  RIGHT?!?!?!

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Introducing + $400 Gift Card Giveaway

skull-scarf (575 x 769)

This is a Fashionista Event.  I was given a promotional item to review by to share my opinions about the website.  All opinions are my own.

9thandelm Introducing + $400 Gift Card Giveaway

I love handmade and artisan goods.  It’s kinda my thing.  However, I really dislike the major site where most people see their handmade and artisan goods.  Now, there’s an alternative site –

The folks at were nice enough to provide us some credit to test out the site.  It was loaded with all different indie artisans and a select collection of each artisan’s wares.  There’s lots of jewelry and accessories.  There were infinity scarves and knitted scarves and regular fabric scarves.  Handbags and purses in various styles abound.  I even saw these super awesome upcycled liquor bottles that had been made into glasses, candles, and even a candy dish.  I had planned to order from them, but I forgot, then they were gone.

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Tahitian Pearl Earrings Giveaway – US Only #Summersweeping

Tahitian Pearl Earrings

summersweeping Tahitian Pearl Earrings Giveaway   US Only #Summersweeping

Summer is coming to a close, but it’s still HOT, HOT, HOT outside.  Stay cool and keep Summer Sweeping with this Giveaway Hop, hosted by the Blogging Mamas Network!

tahitian pearl earrings 4 575 x 432 Tahitian Pearl Earrings Giveaway   US Only #Summersweeping

How Was Your Day? has partnered with Pearl Paradise to bring you a truly amazing prize.  One lucky winner will receive a pair of Tahitian Pearl earrings.  Pearl Paradise, a leading discount pearl retailer, sells these earrings for $200, while department stores sell these earrings for $500 and up!

tahitian pearl earrings 575 x 576 Tahitian Pearl Earrings Giveaway   US Only #Summersweeping

tahitian pearl earrings 2 575 x 433 Tahitian Pearl Earrings Giveaway   US Only #Summersweeping

Ready to win a pair of your own?  Do so in the Rafflecopter form after the jump!

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