So You’re Thinking About Buying a House

buying a house

Sooo…I’ve been trying to decide what I want to do for 2015. What my goals are, and what is really achievable. One of the things on my list is buying a house. I was sort of of the thought “Oh, I can’t afford that.” After doing a bit of research, I’ve realized that home ownership isn’t that far of a reach, and with a little bit of work, buying a house is a realistic goal.. Hmmm…If you’re like me, and pondering purchasing a home, read on for the steps to take.

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Why Choose Bamboo Flooring?


Bamboo flooring durability is a prime consideration when choosing bamboo flooring. Bamboo is not wood; it is a grass that is amazingly a choice building material because of its strength, durability, and being eco-friendly.

Bamboo shoots are new growth from the fastest growing plant on earth and can reach heights over 50 feet tall. Since bamboo is a grass, it is harvested again and again from the same stalk, not like typical trees used for hardwood flooring that don’t grow to maturity for 30 to 50 years and must be replanted each time.

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How to Choose Air Filters For Your Family


Every homeowner needs to carefully consider what sort of air filter will be used in the house. A 3M Filtrete air filter from a place like Your Filter Connection is a good place to start, but there are many varieties of air filter to choose from. The homeowner needs to match the health needs of the family to the air filters that are placed in the furnace and the air conditioner.

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Great Solutions for Small Space Living

This conversation about living in small spaces was sponsored by Pottery Barn.


When you are living in small spaces, like a dorm room or an apartment with many roommates, you need to invest in pieces that can do double duty. Storage is usually at a premium, and you have to be sure that your furniture pieces are in the right scale. Here are some tips to make the most of your small spaces. We’ll be using pieces from Pottery Barn’s PB Teen line to demonstrate the tips for small space living.

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Spring Cleaning with the BISSELL CleanView Vacuum

Bisselll CleanView Vacuum cleaner

Spring is a time of renewal.  The winter cold fades away, the trees start leafing out, and before you know it, there’s flowers and baby animals everywhere you look.  Doesn’t your home deserve some of this rejuvenation?   I’m starting with spring cleaning and the BISSELL CleanView Vacuum

I thought that my current vacuum was doing a good job.  Sure, every once in a while I’d have to stop, untangle stuff, and then get back to work, but that was no biggie.  I probably shouldn’t have vacuumed over all that stringy stuff anyway.  But, it seemed to clean up the dirt and debris with no real issues. 

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How to Deal with Clutter

Easy ways to deal with clutter

Clutter.  How does it happen?  It seem like one day, you’re perfectly fine, and the next thing you know, it feels like you’re being overtaken by all this stuff.  Where did it come from?  And more importantly, how do you get rid of it? Here are some easy ways to deal with the clutter that may be overtaking your home and your life.

Get rid of a few things every day.  I was reading an article that said if you got rid of 10 items every day, in a year, you’d get rid of 3650 items.  I mean, it makes sense, right?  And that sounds totally doable!  I think I could get rid of 10 items a day.  You could sell them, throw them away, donate them to charity, or anything you want!

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Living Green with The Honest Company

The Honest Co Logo

It seems like everywhere you turn, people are talking about being eco friendly, or green.  This item claims to be eco friendly because it was made locally, or this one’s fair trade, so we should buy that.  Or this cleaner has natural ingredients, so that’s better for us to use in our home.  Truth be told, it can all be a little mind boggling. 

This process occurs with every single item that we come in contact with.  Recently, my local grocery store started adding signs on items that were made in semi-local plants, claiming that if you purchased those, that you were buying local.  Unfortunately, that’s not really what “buying local” means, either.  But they wanted to capitalize on the buzz surrounding it.

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4th of July Crafts

Here are some great patriotic or 4th of July crafts. Many would be great all summer long, or even year-round!


I love this sign!  I think it would look great year-round in a shabby-chic or country decor home.



How cute are these?  Easy to do, cheap, and you could really change them up for any holiday.

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