My First Crush

Luc Robitaille

Luc Robitaille

One of my very first tween-slash-teen crushes was Luc Robitaille.  Waaaayyyyyyy back when. he played hockey for the LA Kings.  And he was dreamy.  He had a dark, curly mullet, because all hockey players seem to go for that look.  Nowadays they call it their flow.  And he  a soft French accent.  That accent was not lost on me, even at the tender age of 10 or so. 

Mix in the fact that he was a pretty awesome hockey player, and I was totally hooked.  While other Kings fans were all about Gretzky, I knew better.  Lucky Luc was the one to watch!  One of the local tv stations used to go do remotes at his house.  When they did that, my mom would let me stay home from school.  Just so I could watch my love on TV.  I saw he had horses, so I started taking an interest in horses.  We would have so much in common!

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The NHL Lockout and Me

Scottrade center, St Louis, mo

NHL Lockout

Today was supposed to be the home opener for the St Louis Blues.  While they’re not “my team,” they are my “local” team.  I put local in quotes, as I’m about a 4 hour drive from St Louis. 

I should be on the road to St Louis, preparing to watch them take on the Detroit Red Wings.  Once I got to town, we’d go out to dinner tonight.  Head on over to ScottTrade and make our way to our seats.  The Boy would probably have a couple of seriously overpriced beers and nachos.  Then, because it’s Thursday night, we’d make a weekend of the trip to St Louis.  A couple more dinners, some shopping, a night out.  And probably another game – either the Blues or the Cardinals playoff game.

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Every Stanley Cup Winning Goal since 1990

My beloved LA Kings are one win away from their first Stanley Cup.  **Breathes Deep**  I thought they'd win it all in 1993.  Alas, it was not meant to be.  Anyway, this is an awesome video of every Stanley Cup winning goal from 1990 through 2011.  I think I started watching hockey in 1991, so this is like, my whole hockey life.

Wear It Wednesday – A Two-Fer

This is an outfit I wore over the weekend.

Boatneck and linen pants


My outfit:
Boatneck tee from Jessica London – $18
Cropped Linen Pants by Ralph Lauren – $50-ish, on sale
Loafers by Born – $89
Large tote from Tignanello – $159
Long beaded necklace – $15-ish, as a DIY project

Of course, I also wore this last weekend. Heh.  But we went to the Blue Jackets vs Blues game!! 

Hockey game


Straight leg jeans
$46 –


Nike shoes
$70 –


The jersey is $330.  Just in case you also want to invest that kind of money in a disgruntled player on the last place team. Dress like me. 


Calgary – A Great Place to Live

Calgary is such a delightfully gorgeous town. With the booming economy in Calgary – powered by the Oil sands, strong agriculture, and tourism – housing can be difficult to find. Of course, you’re going to need a place to hang your hat. That’s where Rent Calgary would be useful.

What’s there to do in Calgary, you ask? Lots of stuff, I say! There are Calgary Flames games. Go to the raucous Saddledome. Watch Iggy (Jarome Iginla)  {traded in 2013} and the boys muck and grind it out and have a famous (perhaps infamous?) heroin beer. The world famous Calgary Stampede comes to town in July. Known to many as honky-tonk Mardi Gras, it’s a non-stop party! Are you a football fan? Then catch a Stampeders game!

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