Healthy Choice Makes for Easy Meals

Healthy Choice frozen dinners

All the single ladies…all the single ladies.  All the single ladies…eat frozen meals.  Is that a Beyonce roll, rather than a Rick-roll?  Anyway…Now that I have successfully gotten that song stuck in your head, let’s talk about dinner.  Or lunch, as the case may be.  As a very busy single lady, sometimes I eat frozen […]

Let’s Fight Holiday Fat

Let's fight holiday fat with Alli

One of the biggest New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight.  I’ve made that very resolution myself a time or 20.  One of the better resolutions is to be healthy.  Alli can help you with this resolution.  If you haven’t paid a visit to Alli’s Let’s Fight Holiday Fat website lately, you really should consider […]

Positive Sprouts for Healty Eating

Positive Sprouts from the Boys and Girls Club of America

If someone were to tell me that people don’t eat fresh fruits and vegetables, I would not have believed you.  At least not before I moved to the area I live in, that is!  When we moved here, I could not believe what people ate.  I mean, I’m known for having cake for breakfast – […]

Arctic Zero Ice Cream Replacement Giveaway

Welcome to the Welcoming Winter Giveaway Hop hosted by BloggerPR! Although winter won’t start until December, BloggerPR wanted to make sure our readers had a few prizes delivered just in time to battle the cold weather. I scream!  You Scream!  We all scream for a low calorie Ice Cream replacement!! Here at How Was Your Day?, we've […]

Why Whole Grains are Important

How to find whole grain products

When we were kids, we were told that cereal was healthy for us.  We ate cereal by the bowl full.  We even had cereal for a snack.  Then, when we were older, it was announced that hey, maybe cereal isn’t the best thing for us to have.  For me, this came when I was in […]