OPEN UP your Sinus Pain and Pressure

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sudafed. When you don’t feel good, it’s one of the absolute worst things in the world.  One of the worst kinds of pains is sinus pain.  I happen to be one of those that suffer from intense sinus-related migraines, and these headaches can become incapacitating.  One of the things that can help me relieve this pain is Sudafed.

Sudafed OpenUp Infographic MECH OPEN UP your Sinus Pain and Pressure

PinExt OPEN UP your Sinus Pain and Pressure

One of the onsets of these headaches, for me at least, is changes in the weather.  Changes in the atmospheric pressure make my head want to implode.  And these headaches make me want to find a spoon and scoop out my eye.  Yes, that would relieve the pressure and make everything better!  Once the pressure starts to subside, though, it’s like sweet, sweet relief.  I would be willing to swear that I even hear angels singing. [Read more...]

Great Uses for Tea Tree Oil

Great uses for Tea Tree Oil was inspired by The Body Shop's new Tea Tree line.  I received items for consideration.

greatusesforteatreeoil Great Uses for Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil has a myriad of benefits.  Often referred to as a medicine cabinet in a bottle, it’s often used to treat a plethora of conditions.  First things first, though. 

What is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea Tree Oil is an essential oil that is steam distilled from a plant known as Melaleuca alternifolia, which is native to Australia.  It’s not found naturally growing in any other place on earth.  Tea Tree Oil should always come in a dark glass bottle, and be used with a dropper.  You should also never ingest Tea Tree Oil orally. 


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Dealing with Depression? You’re Not Alone

This is a sponsored post by me on behalf of
I’ve battled depression my entire life. It’s been going on as long as I can remember. When I was 4, my mom would basically do a mob drop when it was time for me to go to daycare. Y’know, where you slow down and push someone out of the car before speeding away? Yeah, that was our morning 3 or 4 times a week. Of course, I was fine once I went inside to daycare, and saw all my friends there. 
depressionfearanxiety2 Dealing with Depression?  Youre Not Alone
This routine continued throughout the years, until I realized I could walk home from school, and not have to go in. I’m not really sure why going somewhere caused me such anxiety, as I’m totally a creature of routine. In fact, I do really well with a routine, and that’s part of my obsessive compulsive disorder. 

Make Informed Family Planning Decisions + A Contest

This family planning and birth control discussion is part of a sponsored campaign from  All opinions are my own.

They go by many names.  Nightstand.  Bedside table.  Shelf.  Mini chest.  Whatever type of furniture you have next to your bed, chances are really good that you have a myriad of treasures in it.  But what kind of treasures?  That’s the real question. 

What do I keep in my bedside table?

burtsbeeslipbalm Make Informed Family Planning Decisions + A Contest


Lip Balm

Yes, this is one thing I cannot live without.  I think I am literally addicted to it.  And, no.  I’m not using literal as an exaggerator.  I generally have 3 or 4 different brands, types, or flavors. 

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My Fantastic Fitness Voyage

elliptical 543 x 600 My Fantastic Fitness Voyage

I am making another go with getting fit.  I have said this for a while now, but this time, I’m going to do it.  For reals. 

I really don’t know why it’s taking me sooo ling to get back into it.  I can use the excuse that it’s been cold outside, which it has.  Or I can use the excuse that I was pretty sick for a while, which I was.  Well, that’s actually a really good excuse, now, isn’t it?  But the real thing is, I’ve just been a slacker. 

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Healthy Choice Makes for Easy Meals

healthychoice 575 x 347 Healthy Choice Makes for Easy Meals

All the single ladies…all the single ladies.  All the single ladies…eat frozen meals.  Is that a Beyonce roll, rather than a Rick-roll?  Anyway…Now that I have successfully gotten that song stuck in your head, let’s talk about dinner.  Or lunch, as the case may be. 

As a very busy single lady, sometimes I eat frozen meals.  While I don’t mind cooking, and often do, there are times that when I get home from work that the last thing I want to do is get out pots and pans to make a meal for just me.  But I’m not in the mood to have a sandwich, bowl of cereal, or leftovers.  Enter the savior of dinnertime – Healthy Choice and Marie Callender’s frozen meals. 

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Where Have You Been?

nyquildayquil 575 x 431 Where Have You Been?

I don’t know if you noticed, but I’ve been laying low for a while.  It’s basically been since around Christmastime, but I’ve been posting less and less.  I mean, there are a few weeks there where I posted once, maybe twice a week.  Long-time readers know that is VERY unlike me. Where was I?  Did I have a nice vacation? 

I wish!   I wasn’t feeling well, and I thought I had just a touch of a cold, or maybe I had contracted the dreaded flu.  I decided to lay low, and just take it easy.  After kicking around the house for a couple days, cabin fever was starting to kick in.  On top of that, we were expecting inclement weather, and I needed supplies.  My mom came over, and she was going to take me to the local grocery store. 

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9 Tips to Combat Seasonal Allergies

seasonalallergies 9 Tips to Combat Seasonal Allergies

I don’t know about you, but in my area, we’ve had a fairly mild winter.  Due to this, our trees are starting to bud out, and you know what that means – allergy season is right around the corner.  I am so not ready for the itchy, watery eyes, the sneezing, or the turning into a snot factory. 

There are some things you can do to help combat seasonal allergies. 

Combat mold in your home.  The main way to do this is to keep everything dry, as mold needs a damp habitat to grow. 

Wash your shower curtain with bleach every few months.  It needs to be cleaned anyway, and those spots on the bottom?  They’re usually mold.  Gross, right?

Run your heat and air conditioning.  In the winter, when you keep your heat above 65 degrees, it helps to dry out the air in your home, which helps to inhibit the growth of mold.  In the summer, the air conditioning helps to filter the outside air of contaminants.   You can even get a filter for your forced air system that helps cut down on the contaminants even more. 

redconverse 400 x 600 9 Tips to Combat Seasonal Allergies

Keep control of the dust. 

Take your shoes off when you come into the house.  Your shoes track all kinds of dirt and debris from the outdoors. 

Vacuum regularly.  It’s amazing what’s hiding in your carpet when you think it’s super-clean.  Remember to change your vacuum bag or filter regularly.   Don’t forget to vacuum your closets, under the bed and tables, and those other hidden spots.

If you have a pet, keep them brushed and bathed.  Many people are allergic to pet hair and dander, and they can create lots of extra dust. 

Get your carpets and furniture steam-cleaned.  It can help to kill whatever might be hiding.  There are lots of services that can do this for you.  Click for more info.

oranges 525 x 477 9 Tips to Combat Seasonal Allergies

Watch what you eat. 

Many foods can cause allergy-like symptoms.  Monosodium benzoate, an additive found in many canned foods, and trans oleic acid, which is found in beef, have both been shown to trigger allergies and allergy-like symptoms. 

Conversely, kiwi, oranges, and other foods that are high in vitamin C can help the body’s natural antibodies kick into gear. 


While I prefer to combat allergies before they begin, sometimes you need some additional help.  Personally, I can generally manage on OTC medications.  If you want something more natural, fish oil supplements, vitamins A & E, and many herbs are all believed to aid in the relief of allergies. 

Hopefully, this helps us all to combat seasonal allergies this year!  What’s your best allergen-fighting tip?