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Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Cookies

Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Cookies

January 6th was National Shortbread Day.  I love shortbread cookies, and it's one of my favorite things about the holidays.  I had planned to make a fantastic recipe of shortbread cookies and share it.  As so often happens, life got in the way.  I will just have to save them for another day.  Hopefully soon.  To tide you over, here are a few really fantastic shortbread recipes from around the web. 

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Fab Five: Signs of Spring

Blooming tulips in Spring

Spring and Autumn are my two favorite seasons.  I think Autumn edges Spring out, but just slightly.   Five reasons I love Spring


1. Birds singing.  I love hearing the birds singing, tweeting, and peeping after a long winter. 

2. Everything coming back to life.  Grass starts to grow, trees begin leafing out, and flowers start to poke up from the ground. 

3. Warm weather.  This one is pretty self-explanatory.  The weather starts warming up, meaning that you can spend more time outside.  YAY!!! 

4. Baby Animals.  I loooooove baby animals.  Always have, always will.  Skunks, squirrels, deer, horses, lambs, puppies, it doesn't matter. 

5. New stuff at the Garden Center.  Yup.  Looove the garden center and the nursery.  It's a sickness,  haha.  But…it also means I get to plant new stuff in my garden, so that's pretty awesome. 

Fab Five – Plaid

I like all things preppy. Plaid, stripes, argyle, cardigans. mmmhhhmmm. I always have, I’m not sure why, as my parents are total free-spirits.  Perhaps it’s my form of rebellion.

Plaid Laptop

Squee!! I saw this while surfing the interwebs last week and it immediately went on my Want list. It’s a lid, so it’s reasonably priced, too.  I think this would be a fabulous switch from the red lid I have now!

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Fab Five | My Favorite Things

Fab Five

1.  Starbucks.  I'm not a huge coffee fan, unless it's a fancy frou frou coffee drink.  Even then, I'm rather picky.  For some reason, I just really like Starbucks.  It may be the ease of paying with a card, so it doesn't feel like real money.  Perhaps it's the convenience of the drive thru.  And yes, I sucked it down before I took a picture.  HA!

2. Nail Polish.  This may fall under the make-up of last week, I'm not totally sure.  But I loooooove nail polish.  Especially loud, crazy, wild colors.  Yes, I'm the girl working in the office with bright teal nails! 

3. Paper.  I admit it, I am a huge paper snob.  Linen, laid, vellum…like music to my ears.  That doesn't even touch terms like deckle, handmade, chiyogami, florentine, etc.  I'm smiling as I write this.

4. Ikea.  I totally want to live in their catalog. Living most of my life in an area that had multiple locations fairly close by, I took the store for granted.  Never again!!!  Now I have to plan a long weekend to visit a store.

5. Sawdust Festival.  The absolute best fair I have ever been to.  I made my first visit when I was just a few wees old and it has been an annual event.  All handmade items from local artisans in one of the great areas of America.  Jewelers, glass blowers, painters, fashion designers, and sooo much more! The show only runs through August 28th, so go this week if you're in the Laguna Beach, CA area!

These are a few of my favorite things.  What are yours?

Images courtesy of Nars, Sawdust Festival, unknown Ikea pic.