Fab Five: Signs of Spring

Blooming tulips in Spring

Spring and Autumn are my two favorite seasons.  I think Autumn edges Spring out, but just slightly.   Five reasons I love Spring   1. Birds singing.  I love hearing the birds singing, tweeting, and peeping after a long winter.  2. Everything coming back to life.  Grass starts to grow, trees begin leafing out, and flowers […]

Fab Five – Plaid

I like all things preppy. Plaid, stripes, argyle, cardigans. mmmhhhmmm. I always have, I’m not sure why, as my parents are total free-spirits.  Perhaps it’s my form of rebellion. Plaid Laptop Squee!! I saw this while surfing the interwebs last week and it immediately went on my Want list. It’s a lid, so it’s reasonably […]

Fab Five – Autumn Delights

Autumn is my favorite season – by far!  Apples, leaves changing, crisp air, kids going back to school, the list goes on and on.  Here are a few of my favorite autumn delights. Pumpkin Spice Latte YES! It was last weekend that I saw it was available again. That is always one of my key […]