Consider Aldi for your Holiday Parties

Aldi Logo
Aldi Logo
Have you ever shopped at Aldi?  Although I had heard about Aldi, and we have two stores nearby, I had never ventured into one.  Some of my friends swear by their quality, prices, and unique way of doing business.  Aldi is a European based grocery chain and is sort of like shopping at one of the discount club stores only on a much smaller scale.
What kind of stuff does Aldi offer, you ask?  Well, it’s mostly packaged foods, with a small selection of fresh produce and refrigerated items.  They also have a fair amount of frozen foods for a smallish store. 

Terrapin Ridge Farms – Gourmet Food Done Right

Terrapin Ridge Farms Sweet Beet & Horseradish Mustard
Terrapin Ridge Farms Sweet Beet & Horseradish Mustard
I really love getting food packages in the mail.  No, that’s a lie; I love getting any packages in the mail!
But I do like getting food in the mail. And we’ve all gotten those mass-produced, more box than treats holiday extravaganza of mediocre food that the mailman brings.  Terrapin Ridge Farms, my friend, is not about mediocrity. 

20 Holiday Pie Recipes for Your Dinner

Sweet potato pie recipe

Sweet potato pie recipe


We all love dessert, right?  I mean, I know I dream of cakes and pies at night.  Here are a collection of 20 different pie, cake, and dessert recipes.  There's something for everyone!

Apple Pie Recipes

Allergen Free Apple Crumb Pie –  Dairy and Nut Free

Apple Pie baked in an Apple

Apple Pie Baked in the Apples – Word is, they're pretty but not quite as good.  But they sure are pretty! 

Apple Crostata recipe

Apple Crostata – Kind of like an apple tart. 

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Cranberry Jellies Candy Recipe

cranberrygels3 (300 x 300)

It’s after the holidays and you’re looking for something to have.  You’re trying to stick to your diet, but you’ve just gotta have some something sweet.  These Cranberry Jellies are a perfect solution. 

Fruit Jellies Candy Recipe

  • 2 cups Fruit Juice – I used Old Orchard’s Cranberry Naturals juice cocktail
  • ½ cup Sugar
  • 4 pkts gelatin
  • 2 TBSP Lemon Juice
  • Non stick spray

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Holiday Dress Up with Designs By Lolita – Holiday Entertaining Guide

Have you seen the painted Martini glasses?  Designs by Lolita has created a line of Christmas ornaments that look just like the big glasses, only in miniature! Titled “Mini Tini,” these ornaments have the same exquisite attention to detail as the large glasses. Mini Tinis are even painted by hand and accented by jewels! If your friends (or you!) are anything like mine, they will love these ornaments.  The Designs by Lolita Mini Tini ornaments are packaged in a decorative fiberboard canister, ready for gift giving! Just wrap it In ribbon or pop a bow on it and you’re good to go!

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