How to Make DIY Essential Oil Air Fresheners + Giveaway

This DIY Essential Oils Air Fresheners project was inspired by product received.


We all know how great essential oils are, right? They can be used to treat a myriad of ailments, help with your mood, or to focus, or even to relax you and fall asleep. Let’s face it though – a lot of times, the essential oils just smell soooo good that I don’t even care what they’re there to help me with. It’s like the aromatherapy is just an added bonus!

That’s part of the reason that I am in love with these DIY essential oil air fresheners. They are so quick and easy to make, look cute, and are easy on the pocketbook, too. Not into air fresheners? That’s okay! You can use these as essential oil drawer sachets too.

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How to Make Your Own DIY Coffee Scrub

Make a great DIY coffee scrub, quickly and easily.  Prefect for gift giving, too.


I don’t know about you, but during the winter months, sometimes I tend to neglect my skin. I know – I’m such a bad person! I mean, I moisturize it and stuff, but I don’t tend to exfoliate my skin or deal with any of that kind of stuff. Especially on areas like my legs or my body where no one is really going to see it anyway. That’s where a really great exfoliating scrub. Like this DIY coffee scrub, comes into play.

This DIY coffee scrub has added benefits, too. Did you know that coffee is believed to help eliminate cellulite? It’s true! And the olive oil used in this DIY Coffee scrub helps to penetrate the top layer and into the middle layer of your skin, where the stretch marks like to hide. Whoa, right? The best part – the DIY coffee scrub is quick and easy to make, and affordable, too.

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How to Make a Clay Ring Dish with Gold Leaf Accents

Recently, I was cruising Pinterest, as I am known to do. I pin a lot of somewhat random stuff.  Things that I want to remake for myself or a gift. Things that inspire me with their colors or photo layouts or something else.  Then there are my save for later pins – things I plan to go back to and check out. And last, but not least, there are pins that I see that I think would make a great blog post, if they were reworked.


This clay ring dish with gold leaf is one of these such projects. The project was inspired by this original.   I don’t really like working with polymer clay, and I kind of live for gold leaf. Well, that’s not true. I have a romance with gold leaf, but we all know I live for glitter. Anyway, I swapped out the polymer clay for air dry clay, and the marbled colors for gold leaf for this clay ring dish with gold leaf Pinterest Remake Challenge.

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How to Make DIY Monogram Earrings

Monograms are oh so popular among the preppy set.  Make your own DIY monogram earrings and be the envy of your friends.


If you live in the south, one of the things that you just cannot get away from is the monogram. I mean, there is a saying “If it doesn’t move, monogram it!” Personally, I’ve never been one that’s fallen into that trend, but I totally see how others have. Maybe it’s because the letter “G” looks weird in a lot of fonts. Recently, though, a friend asked me to make her some monogrammed earrings. I was like “whaaaa?? How???” Her reply was “You’re clever and creative. You’ll figure out how to make them.” Ooh…a challenge!

After some trial and error, I did figure out how to make DIY monogram earrings using the Silhouette machine. It’s not even difficult, once you get the hang of it.

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DIY Spring Dice Cake | Cake My Day Review + Giveaway

This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by Sweetworks. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic.


I grew up in a bakery. I was always there, doing something, whether I wanted to or not. Cake decorating has come a long way since then! Cake decorating is truly an art form. You see these amazing cakes, and you think “that’s amazing!” and “There’s no way I could do that!” You’re only partially correct – yes, it is amazing. AND yes, you can do it yourself.

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How to Make Glittered Wine Glasses

Sparkle makes everything better.  These glittered wine glasses are no different.


As we all know, glitter makes everything better. A lot of people refer to glitter as the herpes of craft projects, but I don’t feel that way. Nope. You just have to treat glitter right, and it will make you happy beyond measure.  I mean, I love me some glitter craft projects.

Lately, I’ve been seeing these glitter wine glasses all over the place. Since I do love glitter, I decided that I needed these glittered wine glasses in my life. However, the prices were a bit steep. I’ve seen these glitter wine glasses going for $10 to as much as $22 a piece. Oh no. I figured if everyone has these, they can’t be that hard to make a glitter wine glass.

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DIY Washi Tape Candles

DIY Washi Tape Candles can really change the look of any room or event.


I was recently drafted for décor help for a gathering. Since we were putting this together last minute, and on a somewhat shoestring budget, we had to get creative. One of the main items we used were candles. But, how do we jazz these candles up quickly, and on a budget? Washi tape to the rescue! Oh yes. We made Washi Tape Candles!

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Snow Globe Christmas Ornaments Tutorial

Who doesn’t love snow globes?  These snow globe Christmas ornaments just add another dimension,  Great for package toppers, too.


I have always loved snow globes.  They have these great, detailed scenes, and when you shake them, they disappear in the flurry of whatever they use to make fake snow.  And just before everything settles down, shake them again, really hard, with all your might.

Oh?  Everyone doesn’t do that?  Or try to get all the snow globes in a collection going at once?  Hmmm…you don’t say.

In any case, these snow globe Christmas ornaments are a fantastic addition to anyone’s tree.  They’re inexpensive to make, too.

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