How to Make DIY Essential Oil Air Fresheners + Giveaway

This DIY Essential Oils Air Fresheners project was inspired by product received.


We all know how great essential oils are, right? They can be used to treat a myriad of ailments, help with your mood, or to focus, or even to relax you and fall asleep. Let’s face it though – a lot of times, the essential oils just smell soooo good that I don’t even care what they’re there to help me with. It’s like the aromatherapy is just an added bonus!

That’s part of the reason that I am in love with these DIY essential oil air fresheners. They are so quick and easy to make, look cute, and are easy on the pocketbook, too. Not into air fresheners? That’s okay! You can use these as essential oil drawer sachets too.

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How To Make a Lacy Glitter Picture Frame

How to Make a Lacy Glitter Frame


I’m always looking for DIY or craft projects that pack a lot of bang for their buck.  I do this for a few reasons.  While I like pretty things and cute projects, if I’m going to put my time, money, and effort into a project, I want it to be useful and memorable.  I want someone to say “you MADE that?!?!”  rather than “oh, yeah, she made that. *rolls eyes*”

I think that this lacy frame fits the bill.  This is a great gift for the engaged couple, goes fabulously in a shabby chic environment, and, depending upon the colors and pattern you used, could really fit into any décor.

Materials Needed

Frame – I used an unfinished wood frame from Joann’s. 
Glitter – I used Azurite from Martha Stewart Crafts
Lace fabric – I bought ¼ yard and used just a small piece of it.
Paint – I used spray paint.  You can easily use acrylic paint.
Spray Adhesive
Spray Sealer

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