Isabella’s Cookies, You Complete Me

isabellas-cookies-conco-hearts5 (625 x 416)

Isabella’s Cookies sent us a You Complete Me box for editorial purposes.  Opinions are our own. Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers. There’s no doubt about it. It’s easy to figure out a gift for that special person, but what about those that are single? How about your platonic friends? What can you get […]

Barts Cookies | Just Like Homemade

Bart's Cookies

I have a bit of a sweet tooth.  Really, it’s more than a bit of a sweet tooth.  Cookies and cake are generally my sweet tooth satisfier of choice.  Of course, that means that I have to love a good, homemade cookie, doesn’t it? Recently, we had the opportunity to taste test a selection of […]

Almondina Cookies – A Modern Tradition

    We all have those secret family recipes. You know the kind that only one or two people in the entire family know how to make? And they either make that dish for every single family gathering or they never ever make it? Well, Almondina cookies started out that way.    Almondina cookies are made from a […]

Save 15% at Cheryl’s Cookies

Cheryls Cookies discount coupon

One of our clients at work recently sent us one of  these fantastic cookie baskets from Cheryl's Cookies.  I had never heard of Cheryl's Cookies, but let me tell you – they are Fantastic!  After a little looking, they're really reasonably priced, too.  What's better than cookies?  Cookies with a coupon!

Protein Bakery – Brownies and Cookies that are Good For You

Protein Bakery Cookies

When I first heard about Protein Bakery, I have to admit – I was a little leery.  I knew they had gourmet cookies and brownies?  Cool, I can definitely get behind that!  With added protein?  Um…okay.  That are good for you?  Hmmm…I’m not so sure about this.  It turns out I was so wrong!  Soo […]