Deer Fawns | Wordless Wednesday

siamese-twin-deer (572 x 575)

If you’ve followed HWYD at all, you know that I go stalk deer.  All summer, I’ve been waiting for deer fawns.  It’s sort of my thing. There are two very large herds that live in the subdivision where a friend lives.  We saw them for the first time while looking at the house my friend moved into.  Anyway, these deer are ridiculously tame.  They’re not skittish, and they practically come right up to you.

Here are some pics from the past month or so of deer adventures. Lot of deer fawn cuteness!

siamese twin deer 572 x 575 Deer Fawns | Wordless Wednesday

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Animals In Action with Safari: A Photicular Book

Safari A Photicular Book

safaribook 525 x 395 Animals In Action with Safari: A Photicular Book


One of the things that I’m always on the lookout for is really unusual items, whether they’re for gifts or for myself.  You will rarely find me giving someone a gift that’s plain and normal.  It’s just not in me! If you’re planning to go this route, you have to really know your recipient, or have an item that is so spectacularly unique that they’ll love it.   I think that Safari: A Photicular Book falls into the spectacularly unique category. 

I know you’re like “Ummm…what’s a phot icular book?”  It’s this amazing, patented technique that allows a photo to come to life.  Instead of being a 3-d, or a pop-up book, the photi cular technique allows for motion in photographs.  Individual strips of the photo are spliced together  to create a main image.  On it’s own, the image is a little blurry.  When you add the special lens, and view the photo through that, it comes alive!  For this particular Safari book, the animals are running, eating, and doing the various things that you’d hope to see on a safari. 

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A San Diego Weekend Getaway

Killer whale show at Sea World San Diego

killerwhales 550 x 413 A San Diego Weekend Getaway

I’ve always considered myself to be fairly lucky that I had a parent with the wandering spirit.  It was that wandering spirit that exposed me to a lot of different things as a kid.  Like traveling to lots of different places. 

How do you plan a trip, though?  How do you know where the good places to eat are, what hotel to stay at, and how to find the hidden gems of an area. There's a new site called Gogobot that wants to help you plan your trips.  Well, the site is new to me at least. 

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Panic! In the Driveway #nablopomo

panic (309 x 350) Panic! In the Driveway #nablopomo


Yesterday, I told you about critters that give me the creepy crawlies.  *shudder*  Today’s topic is “Describe a time when you felt nervous and jumpy.”  Welll…this is going to be part two from yesterday.

When I was living in the California desert, there was always some kind of lizard or reptile kickin' it in the driveway.  My house had a really wide cement driveway, so it would absorb the heat and was smooth to lay on.  We had some kind of lizard that looked like a small Komodo dragon that lived in the front yard.  Sometimes it would be sunning itself in the driveway.  Sometimes the critter would be some variety of its brethren. 

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Which Critters Give You the Heebie Jeebies #nablopomo


green anole lizard (500 x 375) Which Critters Give You the Heebie Jeebies #nablopomo

I have to admit, there aren’t a whole lot of animals that give me the heebie jeebies.     However, snakes are one of these animals. 

Having spent a big chunk of my life in the California desert, I am pretty used to Rattlesnakes and other various poisonous snakes.  Since basically all snakes there are poisonous, I really wanted absolutely nothing to do with them!  Unlike some people, I will not be posting a picture of snakes. 

One year, there was a severe shortage of Rattlesnake anti-venom.  This was in the early 2000s, if I recall correctly.  Anyway, there were all sorts of public service announcements stating that we should stay away from rattlers (well, duh!) and probably shouldn’t go hiking.  Ok, I can get behind that! 

Not to mention the various scorpions, spiders, tarantulas, and other various creepy crawlies. 

I also am not a huge fan of  grasshoppers and crickets.  I don’t like those mainly for the reasons that you never know where the buggers are gonna go! 

Oddly enough, I have no issue with lizards or other reptiles.  We’re cool with one another. 

What about you?  What kind of critters give you the heebie jeebies?