Hot Jewelry Trends for Fall 2013

Hot Jewelry Trends for Fall 2013

Fall is bearing down upon us!  I know it doesn’t really feel like that, since it’s still July, but it’s true!  One of the best ways to freshen up your look is by adding some new statement jewelry pieces.  Here are some of the hot jewelry trends for fall 2013.  These are all from Stella & Dot’s newest collection.

Hot Jewelry Trends for Fall 2013

Bib Necklaces

Oasis Bib Necklace

Bib Necklaces are still hot for Fall 2013.  I think it’s because the chunky sweaters and sleek turtlenecks help show off these necklaces.  Rather than being bold and chunk all over, a bib necklace tends to be sleek with a large, statement piece in the front.

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Ideas for Luxe Gifts

Christmas Presents

Christmas Presents


Many families give one large or high dollar gift for each person in the family.  Sometimes, though, it’s hard to come up with ideas for the luxe gifts.  Here are some things that I think most people would love to have.  Or, if you want to buy your favorite blogger a really awesome gift.  Wink wink.

A nice watch

A fantastic watch

A great watch can be had in  any price range.  A decent watch can be had for approximately $75-100, and a nice watch can run from a few hundred dollars to thousands.  And the prices just go up from there for more rare or collectors watches.

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Dress Up Your Camera with Mod Straps

Mod straps camera accessories
As an active blogger, I take my camera with me everywhere. And I mean everywhere. You never know when you’re going to come across something either really wonderful, like newborn colts, or really bizarre.  Sometimes, you even have to photo blog doing something for sponsors. 
When your camera becomes another accessory, you want it to look good. Mod Straps makes really fun camera accessories like camera straps and bags. Whether you have a fancy DSLR that you use for photo shoots or a compact point and shoot that you bring along, you can really express your personality. 
Mod recently sent me a camera strap and bag for my point and shoot camera. They sent me a compact camera pouch and strap in Crimson Victorian.  I had recently purchased a new camera that was supposed to be red, so this was perfect! 

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Vivid Heart Clutch Give It Away #SharetheLove

Pink Orange Heart Clutch

Welcome to the Share the Love Giveaway Hop hosted by ShePromotes. This event will take place from 9am EST on February 7th and end at approximately 11:59pm EST on February 14th. There are lots of great prizes offered to share the love with you. The prizes are not all love or Valentine's Day themed, we just are simply sharing our love for great products with you! After you are done entering our giveaway you'll want to check out everyone else's AND enter for a chance to win the GRAND PRIZE Kindle Fire sponsored by Tweetalicious! Each blog you stop and enter at will be another entry!

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Share the Love Giveaway Hop

Here at HWYD, we're giving away a great clutch bag.  A vivid pink color with bright orange hearts, this just screams love.  Super adorable and exquisitely made. 

This bag comes from Sweet T Originals, which is a Brooklyn, NY based indie designer.  I purchased this bag somewhere along my travels and never used it.  I'm sure someone else can give it a fantastic new home. 


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