Summer Essentials Giveaway – Over $1500 in Prizes

Summer Essentials Giveaway

It's summer now, and there's all kinds of awesome goodies that you need.  You've gotta change up your beauty routine, apply sunscreen more religiously, and we're spending more time outdoors.  Plus, you have to entertain all those munchkins running around your house.  Aye yi yi…

Never fear, though.  We're here to help!  You can enter to win an ahhh-mazing assortment of treasures that will make your summer all kinds of awesome.  Oh yes.  One person is going to all of the Summer Essentials that are shown.  Yes, that's EVERYTHING pictured! 

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Spring 2013 Trends for Accessories

This Spring 2013 Trends discussion has been brought to you by Harrods.

I have a secret to share.  I tend to wear the same clothes over and over again.  But, like everyone else, I tend to get tired of these clothes, and want to give them a new life.  How do I  give them a fresh new look?   With accessories!  They’re quick to find, can add a great pop of color, and can be found in every price range out there. Here are some of the Spring 2013 trends.

Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf

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Blogging Goals for 2013

Hello 2013 Plaza Christmas Lights

So another year has passed.  Can you believe that it was 14 years ago that people were freaking out about Y2K?  I was a freshman in Hugh School, which seems even more ridiculous! 

Each new year ushers in change, and that’s no different at How Was Your Day?   There’s going to be some changes at How Was Your Day? in 2013.  Some are going to be awesome and exciting and amazing while others are going to be boring and technical. 

I’m a goal driven person, and that’s what keeps me energized.  Here are some of my goals for 2013

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