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January 6th was National Shortbread Day.  I love shortbread cookies, and it's one of my favorite things about the holidays.  I had planned to make a fantastic recipe of shortbread cookies and share it.  As so often happens, life got in the way.  I will just have to save them for another day.  Hopefully soon.  To tide you over, here are a few really fantastic shortbread recipes from around the web. 

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Fab Five – Vegetables

I adore vegetables.  Just love them!  I always have.  My mom never had any difficulty getting me to eat my carrots when I was a baby.   Since I'm getting ready to plant my garden, I've got veggies on the brain, and these are my favorites. 

1.  Zucchini.  I could eat zucchini every single day of my life.  The only way I don't care for it is raw.  I suppose it's okay raw, but I much prefer it steamed or grilled. 

2. Asparagus.  It's seriously one of the reasons I love spring.  I love steamed asparagus or asparagus in pasta and stir frys.  [Read more...]

Fab Five: Signs of Spring

Spring and Autumn are my two favorite seasons.  I think Autumn edges Spring out, but just slightly.   Five reasons I love Spring


1. Birds singing.  I love hearing the birds singing, tweeting, and peeping after a long winter. 

2. Everything coming back to life.  Grass starts to grow, trees begin leafing out, and flowers start to poke up from the ground. 

3. Warm weather.  This one is pretty self-explanatory.  The weather starts warming up, meaning that you can spend more time outside.  YAY!!! 

4. Baby Animals.  I loooooove baby animals.  Always have, always will.  Skunks, squirrels, deer, horses, lambs, puppies, it doesn't matter. 

5. New stuff at the Garden Center.  Yup.  Looove the garden center and the nursery.  It's a sickness,  haha.  But…it also means I get to plant new stuff in my garden, so that's pretty awesome. 

Fab Five

Since we're still getting to know one another, I thought I should share some of the things I really like. You may have a chance to win one (or more!) of these things soon.

 Fab Five

1. Lip Balm.  My favorite lip balm is one I bought in Seattle at a small store a dozen years ago. I carried the empty tin around for a while, comparing it to every similar lip balm I ran across. Alas, the tin is long gone and i never have run across the same one again.  A close second is Burt's Bees.  I love the tingle, the scent, the lack of taste, pretty much everything. At any given time, I have 3 or 4 different lip balms on me.


2. Miranda Lambert.  Love her sound, her attitude, her personality.  And this song?  Yeah…

harmonicanecklace Fab Five

3. Harmonica Necklace.  I totally dig these!  Sly.  Sassy.  Kitsch.  Plus, it gives you something to do if you're dying of boredom or need someone's attention.  And you never know when a jam is going to break out. 

 Fab Five

4. Makeup.  My favorite time of the year is Christmas.  Not for the season, particularly, but because that's when the cosmetic companies put out the big collections of makeup!  I have always loved cosmetics, even though I'm not particularly girly in my everyday life. 

 Fab Five

5. Old Buildings.  I adore old buildings.  Some have been remodeled, some have not.  All have a rich and varied history.

How about you?  What do you dig?