Tips for Choosing Pageant Dresses

pageant dresses 2 wm Tips for Choosing Pageant Dresses

If my addiction to watching Toddlers and Tiaras has taught me anything, it’s that the contestants are in it to win it. Many times, this ambition comes at any price – be it monetarily or ethically. It is seriously amazing the amount of money that the parents spend on a little girl’s dress or costume that she may only wear once or twice. Some of these people though, they need help.

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Celebrities at the Kentucky Derby

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It’s Derby time again. Yes, the annual running of the Kentucky Derby, widely known as a non-stop party event, is kicking off soon. Aside from the parties, one of the hallmarks of the Derby is the somewhat wild outfits and the over the top hats. Check out some of the celebrities at the Kentucky Derby from years past.

miranda lambert kentucky derby 700 x 525 Celebrities at the Kentucky Derby

Miranda Lambert has never been known to be shy. The fact that she’s bold and brash is one of the things that I love about her. She lets this attitude shine in her wardrobe choices as well.

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Moi by Miss Piggy

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“Why be you when you can be moi?”

Oh, Miss Piggy.  You’re at it again.  What must it be like to be you?  To live this amazingly fabulous life?  To be loved and admired everywhere you go.  To be able to get women to clip hedges wearing gowns and veils at your palatial estate.

Women everywhere want to know – HOW can we be more like you, Miss Piggy?  Carefree, beautiful, ADMIRED?

I guess we should tune into QVC on March 16th to find out

Toca Boca Salon Me App for Kids

This is a Fashionista Events opportunity.

One of my absolute favorite things is playing games.  I prefer computer games, but apps are coming up on the list.  Toca Boca Salon Me app is a fun game that allows you to play beauty salon with your own pictures.  You simply take a pic, then you can change the hair styles, add accessories, and generally just change it all up!  Use photos of your friends, your family, even your pets!

Toca Boca is safe for kids, and your wallet, because they don’t have in-app purchases or random ads.  Check out the video and get the app!

2013 Fall TV Shows Winners and Losers

I watch a lot of TV.  I try to lie to myself and act like I don’t, but the reality is, we all watch more TV than we think we do.

2013 fall tv winners losers 2013 Fall TV Shows Winners and Losers

The new 2013 Fall TV schedule is in full effect now, and there are some winners and some losers.  And yes, I know that some of these shows aren’t new for 2013 Fall TV, but they’re included because they’ve had an overhaul or update.

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5 TV Shows to Catch Up on This Summer

It’s summer, and most of the fall shows are on hiatus.  While there are lots of great summer shows on, it’s also a great time to catch up on TV shows that you may have missed. These are my top 5 tv shows to catch up on this summer.

tvshowstocatchuponthissummer 5 TV Shows to Catch Up on This Summer

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More Bald Celebrities that May Surprise You

Not too long ago, we discussed bald celebrities.  Some you knew wore a wig or toupee, some were a total surprise.  Anyway, I've gathered up a new batch of folically challenged famous men.
weswelkerhairplugs More Bald Celebrities that May Surprise You
Wes Welker.
Yessir. The lontgtime New England Patriots receiver, now with the Denver Broncos, has had hair plugs. He’s fairly open about it, even doing an ad for his doctor {pictured}. 
ajmacleanhairplugs More Bald Celebrities that May Surprise You

AJ McLean
The bad boy from Backstreet Boys had hair replacement surgery in early 2013. He posted a picture of the before and after results on his Instagram feed. 

Let’s Go See A Show – in the UK!

bruce springsteen Lets Go See A Show   in the UK!

In a former life, I used to travel quite a bit.  Granted, it was mostly for work, but that still counts, right?  One of my favorite things to do when in a strange town was to spend an evening painting said town red.  A nice evening out for me would consist of dinner somewhere and maybe a little evening sightseeing. 

Imagine a night out in London…Having a fantastic dinner and then heading to the West End theatre district to take in one of the hit shows.  Or maybe a sporting event is more your style.  Wouldn’t the soccer lover in your life love taking in a footy game in England?  How about seeing your favorite band across the pond?  It could be the ultimate fan experience!

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