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One of the biggest banes of my life is shaving my legs.  I absolutely abhor it, and will do just about anything to avoid that awful task.

Why do I hate shaving my legs so?  Let me count the ways!

That coarse, wiry hair seems to exist only to mock me.  I can shave my legs, and it grows back fast.  Like really fast.  Within a day or two, you have to repeat this awful task.  No thank you.  Factor in nicks, cuts, and razor burn, and fuhgeddaboutit.

Of course, there are other options for at home hair removal.  Products like waxing and sugaring, which spread a product on your legs and then rip the hair out in large swaths.  Doing it yourself can be messy and have less than stellar results, but the DIY products have really come a long way.

Epilators have also been making a  comeback.  These have a series of coils that also remove your hair out by the root.  Your hair is supposed to grow back finer and thinner.

Yes, these two methods are painful, but I’d still choose them over shaving.  And I do!  Personally, I’d rather deal with the pain of any of these methods than have to shave.

silkn-flash-go-hair-removal-system-3 (700 x 697)

Of course there is one other method – permanent hair removal.  Laser hair removal is rather expensive, especially for such a large area.  There’s now another option.  Silk’n Flash and Go LUXx is an option for at home  permanent hair removal.  Using a combination of light and electric pulses, the Flash & Go LUXx zaps hair at its root.  Oh, and it’s medically proven for permanent hair reduction.  OH YES PLEASE!!!

silkn-flash-go-hair-removal-wand-2 (600 x 800)


silkn-flash-go-hair-removal-wand-3 (600 x 800)

It’s easy to use, too.  You just hold the device to your skin, and pull the trigger.  Move to the next spot, and repeat.  For the first few rounds, you do a treatment every couple weeks, then the hair removal treatments get spaced out to about once a month.

I’ve just done my second round of treatments.  While the Silk’n Flash & Go LUXx doesn’t have immediate results for permanent hair removal, I definitely noticed a reduction in hair regrowth.

Stay tuned for updates on my progress with the Silk’n Flash and Go.

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  1. says

    I actually don’t mind shaving my legs, I feel worse when I’m unshaved. I think it’s because I’ve been shaving for so long that I can’t handle the scratchy little hairs. So I shave daily.

  2. says

    Girl… I can’t tell you how much I hate shaving my legs!!! I’ve tried other products (mostly cream/lotion products) and they weren’t dazzling enough for me to purchase again, so I absolutely want to know when you post an update!

    And I totally get what Melanie said! I hate shaving so much that lately (since having kids) I’ll really only bother when I have to shave. It’s just such a pain (AND we’ve got shorts weather coming up soon… Oh, brother…)

  3. Julie Wood says

    This is a great product to help get rid of that unwanted hair. I like this easy to use system and would love to get one for myself and get rid of hair for once and all.

  4. shelly peterson says

    This would really be nice to have if it really does work well. I hate shaving just like everyone else.

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